Chelsey What Happened With Your Baby

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Lissi - July 18

Hi Chelsey. Haven't seen you on this site for a few days. I'm guessing that means they decided to take your baby out? Just wondering, as I'm sure others are, how it went, and if you're both ok. Thinking of you.


BUMP! - July 18



bump - July 19



bump - July 19



chelsey - July 20

I had him! Be back in a bit to tell you all about it!


KrisD - July 20

OMG! Talk about suspense! CONGRATS!


Chelsey - July 20

Hello! Well, they took the baby by c-section on friday night! He was born at 11:07 pm. He weighed more than they thought, 4 lbs 3oz. 16.1 inches long! Still a small guy though! He is doing great! He was 34 weeks and 5 days, at time of birth. Doesn't need any oxygen, or any scary tubes! Must be a fighter! He is still in the hospital though, just until he can keep his body temperature up, and gains a little more weight. But they figure he'll be coming home after the weekend! Sooner than we thought! He had a feeding tube for one day, because he was too tired to stay awake and feed, but thats gone now! And yesterday, he was under a photo-therapy light for jaundice, but thats gone now too! I was finally released from the hospital Monday afternoon, and got my staples out of my tummy today... in my opinion, c-sections SUCK! Ouch! Feeling better though...except my b___bs hurt! Milk came in fast! No shortage in that department! Cant say that I missed not having my period either, I was so used to NOT having it, now it wont leave...!!!! I wish he was home, but get to go visit as much as I want, and get to stay in the hospital with him for a couple of days before they let him come home! He is soooo sweet. I have pictures!!!!!! Hope everyone and their pregnancies are doing great! Thanx for wondering and being concerned, I couldn't wait to come back and tell you all about it!


E - July 20

Congratulations new mom Chelsey:) I am happy to hear he is doing well, and that you are as well!! XOXO - I look forward to seeing some photos soon.


Lissi - July 20

Wow! What a fighter! Congratulations Chelsey. Good to know that he's strong and healthy. 4lbs 3oz isn't bad at all. Must be horrible to go home without him though. Hope you get to take him soon, and can't wait to see the pictures!


BBK - July 21

Chelsey that's great news! As long as the end result is good all is good. Many babies are fully developed that age, and yours was too! He only needs to fatten up a bit. Congratulations and please post some pics when this is all settled!


Shelly - July 21

CONGRATS Chelsey.I hope everything keeps going good for all of you.And you must be very proud of him and yourself.Keep us posted and pictures are always welcome.....


Meanie - July 21

Great news is always welcome! Congratulations and happy for you that it turned out the best way it could. Enjoy motherhood--despite the period and oversupply of milk hehe.


~E~ - July 21

Congratulations Chelsey! Good to hear that baby and you are doing well. Enjoy bringing him home.



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