Chest X Ray

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EM MOM - June 13

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I had to have a chest x-ray because I was coughing up blood. I'm very worried. Has any one had a x-ray during pregnancy and had a healthy baby?


LadyD - June 13

I never heard of anyone having x-rays done when pg. I actually was going to have x-rays done when I missed my period, and when I told the tech my lmp, they sent me to a dr. in another room....I was pregnant! Dr. said no,no. I don't think it's safe to have x-rays done, but in your condition, if the dr. says it's ok, I guess it is. Can you get a second opinion or maybe another option? I hope for the best for you & the baby.


Mandy1984 - June 14

Don't worry, Of Course you can have X-Rays during pregnancy, There are risks of abnormalities having them done before the 12 weeks mark but the risk % is like 1 or 2%. If your tummy is covered by a lead belt or lead apron your fine, I get x-rays every month because I take high doses of Hepraine so I get a bone density test every 4 weeks... Also wth my 1st pregnancy I took a ma__sive Blood clot in my groin at 30 weeks, It started in my groin and grew the whole way up my abdomen and ended just 1cm below my heart in my illaic vein. I had to have LOADS of X-rays and they were directly of my tummy.......I was told the risk is small and after 12 weeks its very very uncommon that anything would happen. I am 23 weeks pregnant now and have been getting x-rays every 4 weeks from I was 6weeks pregnant. My other 2 kids are fine and they also got their 'pictures' taken via x-ray while in utero....Try not to worry too much


EM MOM - June 14

Thank you Mandy. You said you got x-rays with your first two pregnancies how many weeks were you?


Mandy1984 - June 14

Well with my first daughter I didn't get an x-ray until I was 30 weeks (because of the clot) .. When I fell pregnant with #2 I was put on heprain straight away to keep my blood thin but the drug causes brittle bones so I had an x-ray every month from I was about 8weeks pregnant right up until the birth...This time I got my first x-ray at 6 weeks... The risk of damage before 12 weeks is smaller and even smaller after that as baby is already developed in terms of organs... Heres my piczo site of my other 2 kids (take out wny dashes if they appear in the site address)



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