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adzlin hanida binti fadzir - November 30

if i'm pregnant and my husband have chicken pox and we stay in the same house what will happen?i've got mine but will i be expose to it and get it again?


Lori - November 30

You probably wont get them, however I had them when I was a child and then again at the age of 24 when I was 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. My daughter is 5 years old now, and she is fine & perfectly healthy and very smart. you need to talk to your dr and he/she will rea__sure you.


E - November 30

You can get the adult form of chicken pox (shingles) even if you have already had the CP as a child. Do a google on shingles and you will be able to read much about it. Certain people are at risk for shingles, mainly those who are immunocompromised. Pregnant women are at risk for shingles due to a weakened immune system.


Connie Friedman - September 4

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and we think our 14 month old son has them! What are the risks to being around them, and should the baby be ok? I've had them already. thanks


Hi Connie - September 4

If you have already had chicken pox, you have little to worry about. You can not get it again because you are now immune. So there is no risk to your baby. I noticed a post about Shingles anyone who has had Chicken Pox can get Shingles at any age but Shingles pose little threat to your fetus. If you have not had Chicken Pox you need to talk to your doctor ASAP. He may recommend you get vaccinated. If you can't remember if you ever had Chicken Pox then the doc can test you to see if the antibodies are present. Having chicken Pox is most crucial if you are near delivery. As a side note, the people most at risk for Shingles are people who have had Chicken Pox. You are unlikely to get Chicken Pox from someone who has Shingles because the location of this "secondary rash" is often under clothing and can on be contracted if you come into contact with these areas, whereas Chicken Pox is airborn and as little as 15 minutes with an infected person can infect you.


Amy - September 4

when i was 5 wks my daughter got chicken pox and we are fine i'm now 16wks 1d :)



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