Chicken Pox During Pregnancy

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nms - May 4

Hi all, My colleague's children have chicken pox. My boss knows about that, but forbids my colleague to tell others in the office about it. But the girl in the HR knows about it, and let me know because she is concerned that I'm 15 wks pregnant and might get the disease. Today, the colleague is absent from work and has developed the rashes etc. I'm feeling so angry that the office doesn't inform others about this. And now I'm very worried I might get it cuz that colleague sat near me during lunch yesterday and I couldn't get far away from her. She should know not to be close to anyone whether they have chicken pox before or not! Chicken pox is so contagious!! I had chicken pox about 10 years ago but very worried that I might still get it. Just want to know now if anybody have chicken pox when they are pregnant? Are your babies okay?


YC - May 4

I didnt get them while I was pregnant but I had a simillar scare. My coworker got them. She had been at work a few days and thought it was a rash...finally went to the dr. and found out she had chicken pox. I was about 24 weeks. I called my ob/gyn and told her that I had been exposed. She had me go in and have some blood drawn to see if I had immunity to them because I had had tjem as a child. They say you can only get them once but that' not true. If you didnt have a very string case as a child you can get them again. I did not have the immunity but could not get the vaccination because I was pregnant. Luckily I didnt get them. I would call your doctor. Good luck!


YC - May 4

oops I meant strong case


Leahp - May 5

Hey ladies, I've been worried about the chicken pox, I just had a baby seven months ago and asked the ped about getting vaccinated, because I never ever got them, even when all of my bestfriends in grade school got them, while I was pregnant I asked if they could check if I was immune, but I never heard anything, will my ob/gyn give me the vaccine?


Alycia - May 5

Since it's only been ten years since you had the chicken pox, you are likely immune. Like YC said, you can always ask your doctor to do an antibody t_ter to be sure. Try not to worry, though - the vast majority of people who have had the chicken pox (especially if they weren't younger than age 2) are immune for life. Such a person could get shingles, but that would not be brought on by being exposed to a person with c.p. Good luck!


Ba8y6irl - May 5

I was around the same weeks pregnant when I was around my niece that had chicken pox. If you have had them there is a very very minimal chance you will get them again. Just remember to inform your doc that you were around someone with them and they will keep a look out for any symptoms... no need to worry... you will be fine :)



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