Child Birth Fear

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jo - September 1

I'm really sorry, but I need to ask this question as it has been on my mind for many weeks. I'm 19 weeks pg at the moment, really excited about it, but my fear is that when I'm in labour and delivering the baby i will have an accident and do a pooh. i know this is gross, but i've been told that many women do it during childbirth. please someone shed some light on this embarrassing dilema, i'm really considering a c-section because i'm so embarrassed as to what may happen.


SaRaH - August 30

You cant just request a c-section. That is not possible. All women do not pooh when they have a baby. If it happens it is not your fault and it will not be the 1st time that will have happenend to the doctor. Good lucK!!!


ME - August 31

This happened to a friend of mine at church. She is one of the prissiest people I know. She is so prim and proper. But I dont think she even thought twice about it . The only thing that will be on your mind is your baby. I know I would not worry about it. Out of all the people I have talked to about their labors, she is the only one that I can remember it happened to. Dont be so worried. If I would worry about anything it would be the pain. Ha! Just kidding.


jo - August 31

thanks ladies for your responses. i know i shouldn't worry, but i can't help it, i can't think of anything more embarra__sing. thanks 'me' for the reminder about the pain, how nice of you... ha!ha!ha! i think i rather the paid then the other.


Missy - August 31

Go to delivery & there is a post called "Bathrooming during birth" or something like that. There are others that fear this too. You are not alone.


Sandra - August 31

I have heard of that happening but I have witnessed several births as well as going through one myself and have not seen it happen. To be honest though once you are actually in labor and you hold your baby, you wouldn't care if an entire football team was there watching you. All that matters from that moment on is your baby. If you are really worried about it though, go right before going to the hospital or right after you arrive. I went right after I got to the hospital and that may be the reason I didn't have a problem. Best of luck to you and I hope this helps!


Melissa - September 1

Hi! This happened to me with my first and I didn't even think about it until my husband said " did you know that you pooped"! I was sooo mortified, but it is natural and happens to almost everyone. I pushed for 2 1/2 hours with my first and well anyone who pushes for this long is bound to poop! Also, the pressure of the baby coming down puts pressure on your intestines. So, one way to eliminate this from happening is to have an enema when you are in early labor. This will clean out your system. Also, with my second, I had a natural birth and during the first part of my labor I naturally cleaned my intestines out, so I did not poo with that delivery! Try and relax, if it does happen no one is going to think you are disgusting or weird. The doctors and nurses deal with it daily. Plus, when you are pushing, they are there to help you and they will just quickly wipe any poo away, like nothing has happened. Good Luck!


shanie - September 1

I too am worried about labor but more so the pain than anything else. You've got to understand that this is natural. Your entire body is involved in the entire process and because of the close relation between a__s and v____a it happens. Maybe you can see the entire process of labor and the expulsion of the baby, after birth and poop (hahaha) as the end of a wonderful experience but the beginning of a new one. During your release of all these things you have now embarked on motherhood. Embrace this time and cherish it. If that does not comfort you believe me when I say that the doctors and nurses have seen it all before. Also you can ask your OB about taking and enema to prevent that from occuring. Where I am from many women take enemas so that does not happen. Do some research on it. It is far better and more practical than taking the C-section.


Nan - September 1

it is a natural thing however i remember with my first everyone talking about it and it put me to ease about it, it is a natural process that you cannot control if it happens well you know the saying "sh** happens!" well the docs know that too and they know that you have no control over it they will not even say anything if you do and you will probably not even know if you do. just remember that sh** happens. hehehe



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