Chin Hair Because Of Pregnancy

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tally - August 22

Help! I'm getting chin hair. Is it caused by all the pregnancy hormones? Will it go away when the pregnancy is over???


Lupita - August 23

Could be. I've grown a moustache since getting pregnant. It's very fair, and other people say they don't notice, but it's enough to bother me. Time to by some waxing strips, I think! :(


bg - August 23

You're not alone - I have yukky hair all over my stomach now. And one seriously course, black hair that sprouts out of my chin. It's disgusting. My only advice is to get some tweezers, that's what I do. Best of luck to ya. By the way, are you having a boy? I heard the hormones are more likely to cause the hair problem if you're preggo w/a boy. That's what I'm having. I'm happy about that! Just wish I didn't have the hair problem.


Lupita - August 23

I'm having a girl, but I'm still hairy.


Yup - August 23

Got some too and a couple stray ones on my chest! For the record hairy b___bs are oh so uncute. lol


tally - August 23

Yes, its a boy. Glad to hear I'm not alone. It must be from hormones. It will probably go away. Let's keep our chin chiny chin hairs crossed. =)


teigan - August 23

i just wanted to say that im so glad that women are not embarrased by asking these questions, i think its great that you come on here for advise and people have gave you it on a serious note, other forums eat you alive about things like this as if it was a big deal, i got hairy... mine was on my still makes me laugh and on my cheeks ( face cheeks guys!!) i can see them but my hubby cant but he can feel them and he sits there for hours stroking my face saying it feels like a peach.. crazy fool... what can i use on my face, razors a big no no


soleil - August 23

hmm i didnt get this but as for what can you use on your face, what about those shaving things that you wipe it on and then just wipe it off? I dont know I heard about this a while ago, i dont know what its called. My only concern would be if you have sensitive skin it might irritate it...


Caring21 - August 23

If it's on your face and it's just peach fuzz I wouldn't touch it, what if it starts growing back but thicker.... I would just leave it as it is...


Amy - August 23

If you are having a boy it could be from the extra testestrone (sp?) in your body. It will probably go away after you have the baby. I wouldn't shave it for sure cause it will grow back even thicker and darker but if it makes you totally uncomfortable, try some Nair.


Yup - August 23

BTW The hair on my chin did go away after having the baby. I was so mortified when I first found the one on my chin. I decided not to tell at first but it was just too funny so I did tell my husband and my sister--and now you guys. The hair on my chin --just one was super long and very coarse when I finally found it. It took so long becasue I just wasn't expecting to find any there. I still have two on my left b___b. I pluck the c___p out of them everytime they try to come back. I'm thinking since there are only two that I should get electrolysis, but how do you tell them you have b___b hair you'd like removed with a straight face?


chelsey - August 23

I heard of a technique called sugaring.. not sure what that entails, but its for the face. could always enquire, if you were serious about removal. I'd leave it alone though. I wouldn't want it to grow back thicker and darker either. Or you could try bleaching, to try to disguise it!



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