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Grewal - March 2

Does that really works I am 6 weeks pregnant too early to know the s_x well i look on the chineses calander and it shows that i will have girl but i want to have boy....


firsttimemom7 - March 2

I want to have a boy too! I don't know if it works. What upsets me is that I printed off 2 Chinese gender charts off the internet, and the first one said boy, but the second one said girl!! My mom says it going to be a boy, but my mother in law says its going to be a girl! So who knows. But I am going to wait unitl labor to get the definitive answer. But yeah, I hope its a boy!!!! I will be happy with any health child though of course.


stephanie_renee_m - March 2

you know i really dont understand that chinese calender... i got pregnant when i was 18 and its says a girl..but now i'm 19 and it says boy so i really dont understand but i ow for sure i'm having a girl so i guess its based on the age i got pregnant.....who knows. good luck


Turtle - March 2

I looked at the chinese calendar and went to see several of them and they all showed i was having a boy and i did have a little boy. I wanted to see if it were true to see when i had my daughter but it doesn't go that far back i think 18 is the youngest it would go and i was 15 when i had my daughter. But i knew i was having a girl sometimes you can just know what your having. its a feeling a mother gets


Grewal - March 2

hi ladies thanks well i have seen three different calender in one it is giving me that i will have girl and in two it shows i will have boy lol i dont know which one to believe ..........


Kneufeld - March 3

it worked for everyone in mine and my husbands family except for my daughter....go figure


sososleepy - March 3

Grewal, I don't think the sperm check the calender on the way to the egg, and since it's the sperm that is either male or female, you have an excellent chance of either a boy or a girl. Don't give up hope yet!


noellis - March 31

The Chinese calendar was correct for my two children and my sister's two kids. That's 100% accuarate in our world. Just remember that a child (boy or girl) is a blessing!


tryin44 - March 31

The calander was only correct for one of my three. I am on my fourth and it says girl but I don't take any stalk in what it says. It is all in fun.


Amanda19 - March 31

It was wrong for me.. Both the chinese gender chart and that lunar cycle thing said it would be a boy.. I'm having a princess though.


proudmommy - March 31

it said I was going to have a girl, but I had a boy!!!!!!!!!!!


owensmom - April 2

It was right for me and all of my friends except 2. So, 9 out of 11 times in the last 4 years is pretty good. :o)


MNMOM - April 3

it was wrong for me once and right for me once. just like they say, anything is only as good as 50/50 chance, so don't rely on it!


gigi123 - April 6

READ THIS: It was accurate for me! The chart is based on the mother's lunar age,and most of the websites that list the chart don't tell you how to calculate the proper lunar age, that's why there is so much variation in the results. Check this link: It explains it very well, and they are actually taking a poll to see if the results are more accurate when the chart is used properly. Remember that the month and day you enter are not the month and day of your last period, it is the estimated date that you conceived. Have fun! BTW, check out the thread I started on the pencil test. That's another fun and amazing thing to see!


DONYEIL - April 10

i dont know if it works or not but i looked and it said that i was having a girl i went to the doctors for an level two ultra sound and they toldd me i was having a girl so maybe it does work


JustWondering - April 11

Well...I was watching 'A Baby Story' on TLC yesterday and it was a woman who had 5 boys and wanted a girl. She concieved on the Chinese Calender that said she would have a little lady and she ended up giving birth to her 6th child, a little girl. It gave me the idea to check it out for myself, where I proceeded to become very sad, seeing as I would love to have a boy...the chinese say its a girl. Good luck



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