Chinese Calendar

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mav - January 31

has anyone heard of the chinese lunar calendar and did it work?........


lidia - January 31

I used it for this pregnancy i have three daughters and we all ways tryed for a boy so my sister in law told me to try it because she did and it worked for her so i tryed it and it said that i was going to have a boy if i got pregnant in october so i did and just found out its a boy but the doctor told me it all depends on the male sperm


Bigbelly#2 - January 31

According to one study I read, it is right about 50% of the time!! Not very good odds vs. just taking what you get!! It was wrong for my son, but right for myself and some other people I have figured out the chart on. Was wrong about my husband..... Anyway, glad you got your boy.......we are pulling for a girl this time.......according to the chart, we'll be getting one........only time will tell for sure though!!


CM - January 31

It was right for me as well as for my sister during her two pregnancies...good luck





Mindy - April 9

it was incorrect with my first...hoping it's correct with this one....but it's all in fun....they have a 50/50 chance of getting it right who knows....


mimmy - April 9

I hope it is right I have one more month to know when I'll got to my doctor


beverly - April 9

its worked for me so far, i dont know yet about this time but i have a feeling.did you figure out your chinese age first? theres also a web site that appoaches it in a mathematical way. kinda confusing but they say you cant have a repeat pattern like boy, girl, boy, girl or just the opposite.


lidia - April 9

posted on this thred a while back and the doctor first told me it was a boy and so did the chinese calander and now the doctor said it was a girl so I guess it dont work


X - April 9

:)) 50% chance-- of course. 50% it's a boy--50% it's a girl. Go figure. *lol. So, come on...there are only 2 s_xes-- with each 50% chance D'UH? . I've met 2 guys and 1 girl who have exactly the same birthday as me. So, if the calendar is true there would be days in certain years that no girl or boy was ever born!


Foxy - April 9



X - April 10

Is that why in China there are so many people? They kept trying to make the calendar right at some point? hehe. Just kidding but you never know.


sl - April 10

Yes, and it totally worked! We tested it at work and out of about 30 babies, only 1 was different than the calander said it was. I tell all my friends that are trying to get pregnant about it and it always seems to be dead on. It's a fun thing if nothing else.


X - April 10

It IS a fun thing and nothing else. 1 wrong result already tells you it doesn't work *lol. If it did, the 1 child policy in China wouldn't have been a problem *LOL.


Christa - April 18



KellyB - April 18

It said I was having a girl, and I am. I heard it's about 80% accurate but who knows. I really don't rely on any of the myths that are out there. I know plenty of people that disproven them.


shaunie - April 19

when should i try for a gurl. i have too boys.



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