Chinese Calendar Gender Prediction

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Just For Fun! - November 21

Hi there! This is just for fun: Has anyone used the Chinese Calendar Gender Prediction chart? How accurate has this been for you, your friends or family? I have done all the women in my family and my friends and it has been correct. So, just wondering the stats on this. Again, just for fun!! Thanks for sharing


Amy - November 21

it said we were having a girl but we seen BOY parts i did it for my others and it was right me and a friend sat down and done it for lots of our friends and then i was wrong alot but before that i was sure i was having a girl because i really belived in it but then we seen boy parts


amapolitamomma - November 22

It was right for us


Jbear - November 22

It was right for both of my pregnancies (when you think about it, any gender prediction method has a 50% chance of being right)


nalini - November 22



Neira - December 5

Yes, some of my friends have used it and it works.


jb - December 5

It was right for me, but wrong for my friend.


Annette - December 5

Wrong, it said girl and I am having a boy.


susan - December 17

yes,it works for says girl and I have a baby girl.


Heather L - December 18

It was right for my second child (first was before I was 18 and the calender doesn't work before that) who was a boy as they predicted. And for the baby I am carrying. It says girl and the US says girl!! :)


silonee - December 19

I did it for my first child and it was correct. The calender said boy and I got a boy. The second it said girl and it was a girl, but unfortunately I lost that baby. Stll trying but no luck. It says girl only in March. It also says dont try this calender if you have one or more children. So I'm a bit confused whether to wait till march or just keep trying. Any advice.


Gayathri - January 3

Its a girl


karen - January 3

It says girl for me and the u/s says girl too. So hopefully they're both right because we have lots of pink stuff already. Another fun predictor that I hadn't heard of before has to do with leg hair. It seems that people who are having boys have more leg hair growth, and the opposite for girls. My hair has practically stopped growing, so that's accurate for me, too.


TCB - January 3

It was right for us. Were having a boy!


Tess - January 3

Mine tells me we're having a girl. we'll find out the truth on monday 1/9. ill keep you guys posted.


Ella - January 3

The calendar say's I'm having a dh is happy with that!...we find out for sure on 1/16...I'll let you know


elizabeth - January 3

what is the chines calender? how do you do it?



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