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estee - December 11

hi, a question: has anyone done the chinese calender thing to find out if you're having a boy or a girl? what are your experiences / opinions? thanks.


Anon - December 11

I actually did go to a web site that had the calendar on it, so me being curious I checked it out. It said i was going to have a boy. On my 20 week ultrasound I found out the s_x of my baby....I am having a, I dunno LOL it was right for me =)


KM - December 11

Alot of ppl I know it has been right for. For me it said girl, and I had a boy


tiffani - December 11

The Chinese calendar has a 50-50 shot at being correct. I don't think it's anything other than odds.


estee - December 11

well it said that i am going to have a girl, but i have a very strong feeling for months that is is going to be a boy. i was kinda "shocked" when it said it'd be a girl - i thought that it is impossible, because i have such a strong feeling, intuition, whaterver one may call it, which has - maybe up until now - never led me wrong. well, i guess i'll just have to wait and see :) thanks you guys (girls)!


Dez - December 12

well check this out, mine said that I was having a boy because I got pregnant feb 29, so I thought it was wrong because I had a girl. but the thing is if it wasnt a leap year then it would of been march 1st and that would of made it a girl on the calendar and it would of been right.


Amy - December 13

I confess, I did the Chinese Calendar and it came up as BOY. I am indeed, having a boy! But I 100% agree with tiffani. I think its no more then 'odds'. Nothing is 100% accurate! x


m - December 13

It told me I was having a girl, but I had a boy. But I still have the ONE pink sleeper I got at my shower.... lol. Maybe next time!


KM - December 13

lol m, the first thing my bf did when we got home from the hospital was throw out every thing we had pink and every article of girls clothing that ppl had given us lol


m - December 13

lol KM! I have the pink sleeper safely tucked away where hubby can't find it! hee hee


Lina - February 27

What is the website for the chinese calender to determine whether your having a boy or a girl? I'm 9weeks pregnant, i heard about this, but don't know hat website to trust. I'm very curious to find out.


candy - February 27

you can go to


lidia - February 27

I tried it with this pregnancy and it did not work it told me i was going to have a boy and i am having a girl that makes 4 girls


Liz - February 27

It was wrong for me. Said boy but I have a girl : )


Laurie - March 3

I did it for my first child it said I was having a boy sure enough I was, but remember its only for entertainment.


Jenny L - March 3

They worked for me!!! This is #4 and it said I was having a boy, and I sure am!!! It was also correct for my other 3 kids and my cousin who is also pregnant and she is having a girl. I think it depends which calendar you are looking at, because some are wrong. The one I found happened to be correct. Also, you need to your age/date of conception based on the moon....not regular months. Big difference.


Jenny L - March 3

Try this website



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