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Pat - April 10

I need a baby girl name that comes from the bible.Can anyone suggest on for me? Thanks


Allie - April 10

Sarah; Rebekah; Ruth; Mary; Martha; Delilah just to name a few...


Jenice - April 11

How about Hannah, Deborah, Esther, Eve (one of my personal favorites), Sheba (from Bathsheba), or Miriam (another favorite)?


Dj - April 11

How about a combo- Ruthann?


Rachel* - April 11

How about Rachel? Not that I'm biased or anything ;) If we have a girl I'm thinking we might name her Sarah. We'll see...


Steph - April 11

There are many beautiful biblical names for boys and girls. My husband and I are also choosing biblical names, but beginning with J's (his family tradition). I would suggesst doing a search on line for biblical baby names, you will get alot of hits that way! Also, just look in your Bible and go to a Christian Book Store and get a baby names book.


X - April 11

How about updated versions? Zara/ Rebeckah..etc.?


~m~ - April 11

It's not really a person's name, but when I was pregnant with my 2nd son, I had the name Eden picked out for a middle name if I would have had a girl. I think that is soooo beautiful! So if you're going with a biblical name, you might consider that. Good luck!


nat - April 11

sometimes it's nice to look at what the name means in the original language....i suggest abigail (a wife of David....OT)


ello - April 11



blam4him - May 4

Abigail, Leah, Eden


Harry - May 4

Mostafa, Krishna, Devi, Hanuman-ji, Buddha


jb - May 4

Elizabeth. I absolutely love this name


P - May 4

Seraphim and Cherubim? If I had twin girls that is what I would've them. Sera and Cheri for short. Btw, those are types of angels.


Maddie - May 4

I absolutely love the name ~*Eden*~ , it is my favorite girl name of all time. I would definitely name my girl that (when I have one) but my hubby's little cousin's name is already Eden. (she's very adorable too).


B - May 5



.. - May 5

I have a friend who's same is Sarai. Pronounced Sa-ray. I love the name and I know it's in the bible somewhere.



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