Christmas Anyone

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Jolly Mrs. Saint Nick - November 7

Just wondering if anyone else has already decorated for Christmas yet. I love Christmas and always decorate in early November, has anyone else got everything up to make it easier when baby comes or just b/c you'll be bigger and it will be harder to do?


Becky - November 7

Normally we don't decorate until early December. However, this year we are having our house in a Christmas tour of homes the weekend of Thanksgiving, so we will start decorating this weekend. I'm not due til middle of March, so even without the tour we'd be waiting. I enjoy Christmas, too, but I like that since it's only up for a month or so, it seems more special. Also, I love to enjoy the fall colors and decorations, since fall is my favorite season.


~m~ - November 7

Hey Jolly! You betcha girl! My house already looks like Santa puked in here! LOL I get in the spirit early every year. Actually, hubby and I have done a great deal of our Christmas shopping already. I'm glad I'm not the only Santa Junkie! LOL


grinch - November 7

I am a pooper. My baby could be coming any time from end of Dec. to mid-Jan. I love Christmas, but dread having to put the decorations away with a new baby around.


Jolly Mrs. Saint Nick - November 7

~m~, I'm so glad to hear there's someone else out there like us! My house looks the same way, inside and out. We've also done a lot of christmas shopping already. I especially want the kids stuff out of the way in case # 3 were to come early. It's very warm here, unseasonly so, I think the high is 78 today. I'm just pretending that the air is actually heat!!!


~m~ - November 7

Are you in the South? I am, and our high is like 81 today. Yuck! Usually by now, it is in the 50s or so during the day. I'm ready for colder weather!


Jolly Mrs. Saint Nick - November 7

Yes, North Carolina. I talked to my mother in law earlier and she said we would more than likely have a very mild winter, due to the fact we have so few accorns and that there so small. I don't know how true that is. I'm hoping it will cool down some very soon, but I'm not really looking for it. We'll probably be spending Thanksgiving with the air running! She also said that the warm weather breeds the flu germ, which really worries me with our 3rd coming on 12-27. I am so afraid she will catch something from my 2 other kids. My son has had a cold/allergy problem for the last couple of weeks and hasn't had his flu shot yet. Yesterday morning my daughter was sick throwing up. She seems better today. Hopefully by the end of the week they can both get the shot, if it's still available. I plan to get one as well. Do you have children or is this your first?


Tess - November 7

We don't usually decorate til after Thanksgiving Day.....but Im plannin on putting up our Christmas Tree soon ( fake ones) I just love seeing Christmas happening so soon........Wow!! Can you believed its Christmas again?


M.F - November 7

I have all the stuff already but Im gonna start putting everything up November 23..even thow alot po people around the block have started..


bran - November 11

I am just waiting for nov 25th,my last day of work. I am going to decorate early for fun and fear of having my baby near or on Christmas. And am trying to have all my shopping done before Dec 1st



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