Christmas Baby

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Alicia - June 9

Any other Mommas due during christmas time? Any experiences to share?


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 9

My son (who will be 2 this year) was born Dec. 29th. After celebrating his first Birthday last year, I can see it's gonna be a challenge to seperate it from the holiday season hype. Any suggestions? We were thinking of a Birthday celebration for him in the summer, but wonder if that will have a negative effect on my other kids whose Birthdays aren't so close to Christmas. Trying to keep it fair. :o)


Karen - June 9

To tiffani my newphew was also born Dec 29 5 years ago. We have not had a challenges seperating it from the hoilday season hype. We always celebrate on or around his birthday. We make it two different events and have seperate presents one in birthday and christmas gift wrap. He loves it cause he gets lots of attention. I would continue to celebrate it in Dec but make it more of a family event small birthday celebration and dont include any other event. Make his day special like any other birthday.


kmr - June 9

How funny! My husbands birthday is Dec 29th too! He is still bitter because as a child his birthday was always lumped in with Christmas and most people would only give him one gift and say "This is for Christmas & your Birthday".


Sky - June 9

I was borned on Dec 24th and my friends and family would always relate my birthday and christmas, so for me is not that fun 'cause instead of getting a birthday present , I get ONE ONLY birthday & christmas present


Julz - June 9

My son (who is 4 now) was born on Dec. 24th. We've been able to separate birthday from Christmas by celebrating his birthday just a few weeks early.....but the most important thing to remember is to only wrap birthday preasants in birthday paper and Christmas preasants in Christmas paper.


Lauren - June 9

I am due Christmas day 2005 and afraid doctor wont be around!!



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