Cigarette And Coffee

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CamysMama - May 20

Sorry HannahBaby, but I'm not a smoker and I still object to the tone you're taking in this thread. Seriously gal, if you've never been there, what makes you think you can talk like that to Newhoneybuns? Have you ever heard of the word empathy? Lots of love to you all, both the brave and the silly!


mcatherine - May 20

Ok - I understand a little better. I just didn't want to cause a fight that I honestly had no intentions of starting. Quitting is hard - hard as hell - and it puts you through such emotional turmoil that some doctors even think that quitting too late into pregnancy is more harmful than good due to stress factors and heavy withdrawl symptoms. I have a close friend that is pregnant with me - and she hasn't been able to stop. Her doctor has advised her at this point to cut down as much as possible, but even he does not lecture her. She catches more sh*t about not wanting to b___stfeed. She asks me all the time how I quit and I honestly can't even tell her how I finally did it. It wasn't cold turkey - I can tell you that. All I know is that the day I found out I was pregnant the one person in the world I wanted to tell was my mom. She was the one person I couldn't call. Luckily, that's not motivation every woman gets, but it was enough to finally make me put them down.


Newhoneybuns - May 20

Good thing i had started this topic with the "do not judge or offence anyone" seems like that didnt work. I know all the bad stuff about smoking and certainly know that i am pregnant and still smoking i just wanted to have some people to talk to without being judge for once cause i know i aint the first nor the last women to smoke during pregnancy. Anyone wants to talk without being judged or talk peaceful please add my msn which is [email protected] Thanks


Erynn21 - May 20

Wow-this really p__sed some ppl off. I did say something to HannahBaby, but she didn't seem to see both sides of the fence, I did point out the fact that she had probably never smoked which she said she was smart enough never to do. Well good for you, I have quit and it was before I was pg. I have seen how hard it is on families both of my grandfathers died from smoking related illnesses, I quit, but I'd never get on someones case because they cannot. I just was wondering why you can't understand it's hard for many women to quit, it doesn't mean they are bad mothers. These women are not trying to be malicious to their children, you seem to be on a bit of a rampage, I'm sorry about your father, but you need to not be so mean to these women.


livdea - May 20

Newhoneybuns...okay I only smoked for about a year but I smoked a pack a day and then some. In my mind I was a hard core smoker for never smoking before. Well I really really wanted to quit...this was prebaby and you know what HELPED me quit? Everytime I would light up a cigarette, (I almost broke out in a sublime song there!!) I would say to myself..."this is SO bad for me and it tastes horrible and makes my breath stinky and skin gross" Sounds like a lot but I would honestly say that...even when I didn't believe it...many many times I would just say right afterwards "oooooo I feel soooo much better!" but eventually the mind over matter worked and I started to taste how nasty the cigarrette was and how gross it made me feel. It didn't happen over night but I swear it helped. That doesn't mean that I quit smoking all together, right away, but it definitely helped me quit. It made me aware of what was going in and out of my body and I'm sure if you start really thinking about your baby along with yourself every time you smoke, it'll help the process along!!! At least to help cut back...lets face it...smoking takes oxygen away from the baby and you and it's flat out not good. We all know that. Good luck, it's really mind over matter!! You'll get it figured out! I'm not here to judge just a suggestion!!


jamiew - May 21

Ya know, half of the judgemental comments are coming from Non-smokers that think smoking *period* is bad! ...come on, what do you guys think that the women of the early 1900's did when they were PG? Like they had all this Surgeon General warning stuff ... Please ... They were smoking AND drinking ..... And and as far as the one post comparing "crack to smoking" two TOTALLY diff things there hon! .... Some people need to get off thier high horse ... There are girls on here wanting to induce their own labor, by drinking this, eating that ....dontcha think that is BAD?!?! .............. NEWHONEYBUNS: One thing to remember is the doctor will tell you to * at least* cut back, the stressors of quitting cold turkey is much worse on the baby than for you to continue smoking ......As for the coffee bit goes, coffee isnt bad either as long as you arent drinking 4 pots a day.... Coffee is actually healthy for you in certain aspects.


Newhoneybuns - May 21

Thanks Erynn21 i liked your comment :) Livdea i tryed telling myself that too to try to quit but it didnt work i started smoking at 14 so actually been smoking 14 years now. It's probably that i just aint ready yet to quit. Jamiew i liked your comment as well and the part you said this "the stressors of quitting cold turkey is much worse on the baby than for you to continue smoking " that is the exact same thing my doctor said to me. Cause i do axiety attacks and i sopped all medication when i got pregnant and i also have crohn's disease which stress plays a great part with that disease to get me real sick. Thanks girls i appreciated the comments and suggestions :)


HannahBaby - May 21

Erynn....I do understand that some people "cant" stop smoking.....but i really think that its a cop out. We can do anything as humans that we want to do, we just have to want it bad enough. Its amazing what our bodies and spirits can do if we put our mind to it. NewHoneyBuns came here look for "support" from other smokers so that she can feel its ok to smoke because shes not the only one out there. I never said that she was a bad mom, she did. I didnt have to give up cigarettes but i did give up alot of things for my baby. I didnt drink on my 21st birthday becuase i was 5 days away from testing for a pregnancy, i havent eaten anything that are even menchined not to eat, i take my prenatals even though they make me sick. I have given up alot for the safety of my baby and cant understand why others wouldent want to do the same


HannahBaby - May 21

JAMIEW----you will notice my name around here alot, and i have spoken up to women who wanted to try to induce labor at 35 weeks and get hammered for that too.I am sick of people sugar coating everything on i tell it like it is. I compared crack to cigarettes because someone said "well everthing looks ok on the US so im not going to worry about it" I was just asking if a woman doing crack says the same thing would it be acceptable?? I know that women in the 1900's smoked and drank during pregnancy.....but that was 100 years ago. We have had the break thrus to know EXACTLY how bad it is for youself, and your fetus. Using that as a reason to continue smoking is ridiculous, there are tons of people out there who wished that they could have known what we know now.....The people who are dying from lung cancer because they didnt know for the first 10 years that smoking was even bad for you. We have the knowledge, just some people are too weak to put it to use.


Guest - May 21

Maybe, when the baby is born..if it makes it that can give it a smoke with some coffee in it's bottle to continue the nutrients it's use to...It may be hard to quit..but vulnerable life of a fetus is worth ditching the smokes and coffee for. I use to smoke too..I quit 4 months before I concevived mine! I hope your baby makes it..Good Luck!


les22 - May 21

i smoked from the age of 12 to 22 and i found it difficult to quit when i found out i was pregnant. i continued to smoke for 2 weeks while i gradually cut down. after i quit i developed an aversion to tobacco smoke, alcohol and coffee so my body stopped me from taking anything harmful. its not as hard as you are making out so why dont you give it a try cos i managed it even tho it was really hard.


les22 - May 21

non smokers dont understand how hard it is to quit. one of my friends smoked through her whole pregnancy and at a few appointments her baby measured too small. she also was 2 weeks overdue and had a long, painful labour which she was told may have been due to her smoking. thats what made me quit !


Kristina - May 21

You say "non smokers don't understand" but there are several women on this very thread who quit when they found out they were pregnant. I quit cold turkey when I got pregnant, and was VERY hard...but I did it. No way could I smoke knowing that there was a baby being exposed to it. The thought of anyone being able to do otherwise disgusts me to be honest. Even if your babies survive, do you not think of the long term side effects? Asthma, heart conditions, jaundice at birth, liver failure...ect. No, nobody seems to think about that. All you can think of is how hard it is for you to quit. Boo f*cking hoo. It's all about YOU isn't it? What about the baby that has to suffer? Sick sick people.


les22 - May 21

kristina, if you had read my post you would see that i quit as soon as i could when i found out i was preg. non smokers have no idea how dif it is to quit. i tried several times before i was preg and i always went back to smoking as i had no reason to stay quit. now that i have a d__n good reason to not smoke i can honestly say i have never felt tempted. you feel so strongly about us sick people but you have only recently quit smoking so you have no right to judge people so harshly


sara b - May 21

HannahBaby, PLEASE! Your points are valid but if you have never been addicted to something you don't know how hard it can be. With my daughter I never quit smoking. I was too stressed. I wasn't happy about being pregnant, her dad left, I moved, my family was extremely disappointed, my car broke down, and my electric and heat were shut off. Cigarettes were the only bad habit I would let myself continue and I felt that without something I would have rather been dead than in the situation I was in. I continued to smoke and still gave birth to a healthy 8 lb. 10 oz. baby girl. I think that there is a big difference between cigarettes or alcohol and drugs. Do I believe its okay to keep smoking? NO. Do I think we should approach total strangers and deride their decisions? NO. Its a woman's body even when there is a baby inside it. At least once the baby's born you can smoke away from the baby and cigarettes won't leave you unable to care for your child like alcohol or drugs. Best wishes to everyone.


Kristina - May 21

I didn't recently quit actually, my daughter is almost 7 months old. I quit a year and a half ago.



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