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J - February 23

I don't know what the big deal is. My mom said when we were little with my brother there was no question the doctor just did it. If every male remembered it they would all be walking around scarred. I think it should be done but that is just my opinion.


E - February 23

My husband is not circ_mcised (s_x is great, hygiene is no issue) and we are both against the procedure. It is not necessary and causes pain to your infant, during and after the procedure. There are quite a few videos (online) of the procedure and it shows the pain that the child experiences, while his foreskin is removed, for no good or necessary reason. My hub plans to write his thoughts about this and have me post it for him, with the hopes of saving one little boy from this surgery. He is proud of his "fully functional p___s". Ultimately, it is up to you but I would do some serious research b4 making your decision.


lisa - February 23

My opinion is to do it. I did with my son because my husband is circ_mcised. My opinion is they look better that way.... its done when they are only 1 or 2 days old and he healed very well. There easier to clean to....again this is my opinion.


Karen - March 7

My brother was not circ_msized when he was born. At age 6 he had to to be circ_msized. I remember him being so afraid and to top it off the Dr. knicked the top of he p___s during the procedure. As with my husband, he has some scare tissue that makes him feel self-conscoious and lessens sensations in that area. My son has not been born yet and I have mixed feelings about having it done or not. I tend to side with having it done but I need to do some more research


tara - March 7

I have spoken to a few people about this and it seems as though feelings on this topic are mixed. Doctors now adays say that it is not a necessary procedure and not to have it unless you have religious beliefs that circ_mcision should be done. All the boys in my family had this done and so has my husband. If I have a son I feel strongly about getting the procedure, but my husband says if the Dr. are saying there is no point, then we won't do it. I even brought up the point that 'don't you want your son to look the same?' and he said he is planning on having a strong enough relationship to be able to explian why some look different (good point) and also by the time our children are school age he thinks most boys will not be circ_msized. I still think we should have it we as a couple are still on the fence.


Mary - March 7

OMG! I already been thru this the last couple of months. I am jewish and my kid will NOT be circ_mcised. Do yourself a favor and do some serious research in the subject. This country is one of the few left where circ_mcision is common, and it is so for the wrong reasons. It all started in England to minimize kids from masturbating - no joke. Nowadays not even the national pediatric a__sociation endorses circ_mcision, did you know that? Circ_mcision has no health benefits, and as per the latest research, it has a great negative s_xual impact. Yes, it looks pretty, but at what cost? Think about it.


Mary - March 7 here is a good link. Please read it.


P - March 7

Great site Mary. I'm having my baby on Friday and if it's a boy he will NOT be circ_mcised. There's no way I could justify torturing him like that so he'll have a prettier p___s. I live in Canada and I do agree that the uncirc_mcised are outnumbering the circ_mcised.


E's Husband - March 7

First... please take the time to look online for a free video of a baby being circ_mcised... You will be aghast at the archaic nature of the procedure...then you can decide. Second, do some real research on the subject. You will quickly realize that there is little evidence for a correlation between circ_mcision and infection. The much stronger correlation is between proper hygiene and infection. Third, consider the historical and religious motivations to circ_mcise. Do these hold true in our current society? I am a very proud owner of a fully functional p___s (aka not circ_mcised). I have never had an infection (because I keep good hygiene). I cannot imagine taking a perfectly normal and functioning part of the body and mutilating it and I cannot explain to you how fortunate I feel that my parents did not take away my right to be complete. Let your son decide! Please think on these things and ask me for more information if you would like. I came across this organization and they offer some decent advice and additional go-to sites:


kim j - March 7

My son is 6 and we did not have him circ_mcised. He has had no problems and I have no regrets. My husband also wanted him to be and we actually agreed on it but when it came down to it I couldnt do it.... I had mixed decisions on it and my step mom told me my dad was not circ_msiced and he has had no problems either. Soooo you got to do what you will make you feel better. It is definatley not as common as it use to be and this is what he nurses told me before i made my decision. Good Luck!


Michelle - March 8

My mother was a nurse and believed that all boys should be circ_mcised. When my brother was born, one of her doctor friends came to circ_mcise him at our home. My sister and I were about 9 and 11 and we were allowed to watch as he was done on the dining table. I remember my mother held him on a pillow and comforted him. He cried a bit but not a lot . Afterwards my mother explained all about it as part of our s_x education. I also became a nurse and saw enough of boys and men with infected and tight foreskins to convince me I would have it done to my sons as early as possible. The first was circ_mcised the next day whilst I was in hospital and the second at about two weeks old in the doctor's office. My sister's DH is not circ_mcised but I notice their son is. If I had my way, all boys would have it done, not only for their own benefit, but also their future partners' reproductive health.


DHickson - March 8

My husband and I decided to go through with it because of the simple fact that my husband had many problems with infections as a young boy and had the operation done when he was seven. He remembers the whole thing and considers it the most traumatic thing he's been through. Regardless of cleaning it, infections can sometimes just be there, and be painful and unecessary. That was why we decided to. I also know of several other grown men who remember the operation due to the fact they also had problems and had to have it done at a later age. Hopefully that helps a bit.


Jbear - March 8

My husband's not circ_mcised. If our baby's a boy, he wants to have him circ_mcised, but I think it's unnecessary. The infections that people are so worried about are easy to prevent with proper hygiene. I wouldn't trade sensitivity for a prettier appearance, and my baby won't have to. I won't have my son circ_mcised.


To E's Husband - March 8

Nice words - thanks. My hubby always tells me he was mutilated and he wishes he was not. I never want my son to feel this way. Besides, just like pierced earings (well, not really) If later my son wants to change his p___s to a prettier looking one, he can! He will have this choice, I will make sure of it. BTW, as I said I come from a Jewish family and all my life circ_mcision has been a must - I respect the decision to circ_mcise, if you think that is the right choice. There may seem to be a right or wrong here, but there isn't. It is simply a matter of choices, I hope educated ones. :)


Whitney - March 8

Thanks everyone for your advise, sooo much to think about! I am about 90% sure I'm against it, but my husband is all for it. Being a woman I can't really understand what it's like to be, or not to be ... so it's really good to get the opinions of men. Me & my husband have lot's to talk about.


Don't do it! - March 8

Circ_mcision is a barbaric practice that was originally done to prevent young boys from mastubating. The infection scenario is pure BS. As for the "looks" aspect of it, it's all conditioning. The US is the only country in the the world that circ_mcises the majority of its newborn boys without medical or religious reason.



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