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Don't do it! - March 8

Circ_mcision is a barbaric practice that was originally done to prevent young boys from mastubating. The infection scenario is pure BS. As for the "looks" aspect of it, it's all conditioning. The US is the only country in the the world that circ_mcises the majority of its newborn boys without medical or religious reason.


j - March 10

uncirc_mciced p___ses tend to get made fun of. Sorry but true


P - March 10

Uncirc_mcised p___ses get made fun of? Are you serious? That is the most ridiculous argument I've ever heard!!


Mary - March 10

What J said is true depending on the area she was raised. For sure she was not raised outside the USA and not in an area with much ethnic diversity I would say - so for her what she believes is true and we should respect that.


tiffani - March 10

I truly hope people don't use chilidish ridicule as a determining factor where circ_mcision is concerned. Kids also get made fun of for wearing gla__ses. Should we not allow our children to wear gla__ses for fear of being made fun of??? Deciding against circ_mcision is becoming very common today, it's quickly approaching 50%. I think one day soon, the childish comments will be directed towards the circ_mcised kid. Either way, it's a personal decision that should not be taken lightly. Study all the facts before you make your decision.


tiffani - March 10

Goodness Lovely, with all due respect, maybe it's att_tudes like yours that the kids pick up on. Are the names funny to you? Maybe that's why the names are called, because some parents make their children feel better that their peers based on appearance. My husband is not circ_mcised and hygiene has never been and issue, neither has my desire to perform oral s_x on his uncirc_mcised p___s. I'm completley turned on by him as my partner and the love of my life. Some of your comments seem so shallow. I can certainly understand how important it is for a son to look like his father, and I would never try to persuade someone against it. It's been said, and it's true, the decision is a personal one.


E - March 10

My husband was never teased, although he was slightly embarra__sed as a teen about his uncirc_mcised p___s. Big deal if your child gets teased. Hopefully, he will have the self-esteem of a lion and will overcome rude comments from children that are only emulating their parents' att_tudes. I disagree about it NOT being considered mutilation. It is cutting off the foreskin of a p___s. How is that not mutilation? I do not have time to look up the definition of mutilation but I am confident that circ_mcision meets the term defined. To each their own.


j - March 11

didn't mean to offend anyone but everyone i know thinks it's ugly. i dated a man for 4 years that was uncirc_mcised and i found it to be very unatractive. not as much direct stimulation for the man eiter if the skin is not pulled back.


j - March 11

and i don't know any man that has the slightest memory of it happening.


Lovely - March 11

Thanks to Webter's Dictionary... Mutilate- To deprive an animal or person of a limb or essential part; maim; to damage or injure by the removal of an important part or parts. End quote. I don't think the foreskin is either an 'essential part', nor do I think any man feels 'deprived' after having it removed. And, NO, I DO NOT find humor in the above said names, they only stand as an example to the cruel things that can be said. We all hope that our children have the self esteem of a lion, and teasing is by far NOT the only reason to circ_mcise, in fact I think that would be stupid. My point is, I do NOT believe it's mutilation, and I still think it's a personal choice. I get offended at people saying "hey, check out this web site about it... you'll change your mind" Seems to me that people with their own agendas can alway fancy up a website on their stance. (have you ever seen a PETA ad on animal farms?) We obviously all have strong feelings about this, and our own opinions. I say it's best to agree on disareeing.


tiffani - March 11

Genital mutilation may be too harsh of a term, but according to "Websters" definition as posted on the above post, I quote "to damage or injure by the removal of an important part or parts." Techinally, you're doing some damage to the foreskin of a p___s, an important part. My suggestion was that everyone who is having trouble making a decision on whether or not to circ_mcise shold do some research on the internet and use it as a tool to help with the decision. I found my research to be very offensive, which is ONE of the reasons why I decided not to circ_mcise my son. That's the reality though, circ_mcision is a very offensive procedure to witness. Again I will say, it is a personal decision. I do not think even the slightest foul thought towards anyone who decides to circ_mcise their child. I DO feel like I need to defend my stance on the subject because of the stereo typical comments I hear, especially when it comes to hygiene.


tiffani - March 11

I'm feeling fiesty and hormonal today. I hate hostility and will happily agree to disagree. :o)


tg - March 21

I fail to see why boys should be circ_mcised to 'look like their father'. I look different from my father. All my friends look different from their fathers likely as not, as I come from a country where circ_mcision is at 0.35% today but was at 90% when our fathers were born. And honestly, I am glad I am different, and it sure as hell hasn't affected my confidence as 'lovely put it'


Lynn - March 21

We have two boys and as my husband they are not curcimcised. There really is no need to do so. So we decided not to circ_mcize. Why put your baby thru all that stress if there is no medical reason.


levi - March 21

i dont believe in putting a baby through so much pain. if a man was not meant to have a foreskin they would never have been born with one in the first place. teach your son well about hygiene and there should be no problems.


D - May 31

1st of all i went 26 years of my life being uncirc_mcised and i had to be circ_mcised due to a an accident with my zipper about a year ago i must say adult circ_mcision does not really hurt any worse than having a cavity filled and i was under a local not general and and for about 6 days i had some mild disomfort but on the down side s_x is nowhere as good as it used to be my feeling is gone and all that c___p about infections is hogwash it is no easier to keep clean either way so it sounds to me like your husband is a dumb redneck that dont know his a__s from a hole in the ground o and by the way why does it matter if a father and sons p___s looks a like if they both go around looking at each others p___ses i would say they both need professional help and last but not least boys do not make fun of each other for that i mean come on everybody knows u dont admit looking at another's p___s in the locker room that will get u made fun of or get your a__s kicked



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