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Brandi - December 15

I am having a boy in April and I was wondering what everyone thinks about circ_mcision? I always thought I would do it, no question, but I've been reading alot lately and I'm not sure if I should anymore. Has anyone had complications, ect?


ta__sie - December 15

my son was not circ_mcised and he is two years old now and he hasen't had any problems.


al - December 15

alot of boys that are not circ_mcized go through embarras____nt later. especially in their teens. I would definatly do it. It's worth it for them in the long run.


Emily - December 16

GET HIM CIRCUMCIZED! u gotta! Its really not big of a deal, complications RARELY happen...he'll be fine! I'm havin my baby n im definatly gettin it done..its up to u, but id say go for it like 80 percent of ppl have it done, if it was so bad it wuoldnt be so popular good luck withe verythign!!!!


Hi Brandi - December 16

It's a personal choice and a tough one. I had all my boys done, but that's me. Research and do what you feel needs to be done, or not done.


Mommy - December 16

Both of my boys are but my hubby isn't. In his opinion, being uncirumsized is irrating. In order to prevent infection you have to wash more than you would if you are done. Not only that but if they decide to get it done when they are older it will hurt much more and they will remember. As babies, they can't miss what they didn't know they had nor do they remember the pain of it. It's cleaner, safer, and less embara__sing to them when they are older. However, infection after the procedure is a risk, getting too much taken off causing painful erections is a risk, and any procedure can be botched. Do what you feel is best for your family.


Beth S - December 16

i got my little ones done, he was really uncomfortable the first day or two but then healed really quickly


Beth S - December 16

and i was the one who was thinking of not getting it done but he insisted and hes knows more about that then i do lol


Beth S - December 16

sorry, duh, i was talking about my hubby


jen - December 16

why is it embara__sing to have foreskin? its there for a reason, it protects the end, its like chopping a lil girls hood off, i think its wrong. And a really horrible way to great your new baby, Hi son welcome to the lets chop some of your skin off the end of your willy! So long as you stay clean its fine , leave it alone.


Bonnie - December 16

I would advise you to read up on this subject a lot. Emily, it is only popular in the US it is rarely done throughout the world. It was popular here because doctors used to think it was necessary, now they know different and the American Academy or Pediatrics does not recommend it except when medically necessary. Either way Brandi, it's a personal choice. It now gets done quite a bit less than 80% of the time but the majority still do it. The numbers are sropping fast as more people become informed. Cleanliness is not really an issue, you just have to make sure they wash themselves like anyone else would, but an uncirc_mcised one takes no special care. People just have a hard time changing something they are used to. Just as people from other conutries are generally horrified that we do it so much. So read up for yourself and make your own determination. (We are not doing it to our boy, but that is our own personal choice).


sian - December 16

while i was pregnant with my son i had decided that i was definetely going to circ_mcise, but after i had him i couldnt do it because i had been told it is very painful and i didnt have the heart to do it-but i still would of prefered him to be. just personal choice really.


no way - December 16

Ouch the poor little guy no need to do there is no health concern like before besides it takes away some of there sansation later on when they have s_x as the foreskin rubbing is a sansation they are given and when gone they dont feel it anymore I say leave the little guy alone the way he is born its ment to be there or god woulnt have put it there besides think of him being snipped there so small it does hurt them they may not remember it but but the fist couple days they sure feel it .


Shana - December 16

Brandi-I was having the same concerns, I'm due March 30 with a boy. My husband is not circ_msized and has never had any issues with it, emotionally or physically. As long as they are taught proper cleaning I don't think it should be a problem. It's totally your decision though.


Tess - December 16

If we're having a boy, I will definitely have him circ_mcized, no questions ask. But then again.......thats my "own" opinion.


crh - December 16

My little man is 2 and we never had him done. Neither is his daddy and we thought that the little guy should look like dad. Also, there was no way either of us were going to hold him while they cut him, not a chance. It might seem like a pain to not have it done, but there are a lot of men who aren't cut and have no issues. The 3 boyfriends I had before my hubby, 2 were circ_msized. It really doesn't make a difference, at least not to me


M.A. - December 16

Do the parents really have to hold the baby down at all hospitals?? I thought the doctors and nurses would take care of it!



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