Circumcision Issue

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Fabienne - May 5

Hi ladies . I'd like to know how many of you had their son circ_mcised - if you were present during the procedure - how was the baby affected by it (deep down in your guts - did you feel it was traumatising for him or not ? ) Was he restrained ? did he cry ? Did he hurt after the anesthetic wore off ? why did you have it done ? Thanks :)


Jessie - May 5

I wiah I had a boy so I could answer, but I would really like to know too.


Jenn - May 5

I had my son circ_mcised. It was a hard decision. I wasn't present and I don't think I could have handled it. He was brought back to me 10 minutes later and didn't even look like he had cried. They told me it doesn't hurt. How can it not? He did seem fine though. I seriously considered not doing it but then talked to a women that didn't have her son circ_mcised and he had to have it done when he was six. It had to be done for medical reasons, I don't recall what it was. My nephew is uncurc_mcised and had terrible infections on his p___s. However, my sister in law is a moron that thought that she didn't need to use wipes because he was a boy and men don't use toilet paper. I also remembered a boy in school being made fun of for looking different in the locker room. I wanted him to look the same as his dad and brother, my stepson, too. I hope I made the right choice.


monica - May 5

with my first son I had him circ_mcised. And I having a boy again and he will be circ_mcised. I think its just a matter of religion and personal preferance. My son healed nicely and I dont regret it. They do it when they are 1 or two days old ... I really dont think they will remember the experience when they get older.


Fabienne - May 5

Hi Jenn - thanks for sharing... My heart is broken at the thought of having my little boy circ_mcised. The thought of having him restrained to do it shocks me - even if I understand why it is needed...I don't know why I'm so traumatised by it....


Jenn - May 5

I was really upset about it too. I actually wanted to cry when they took him but I had company. I can remember my hands shaking. My doctor used a little ring that eventually falls off. Supposedly it is the quickest least painful way. I have always wanted to know how they know that. It healed very nicely though. Do you know that you are having a boy or are you just thinking about it just in case? Your welcome by the way :0)


Fabienne - May 5

Oh we're having a boy and soon (i'm 34 weeks pregnant) - You see, I've read a lot of articles about it - online and in books - and I haven't been able to find any literature that's not biased - one way or another. Most of the articles I've read though were against it and I wonder if they don't purposedly exagerate it when they describe the procedure and the trauma the child goes is so hard to tell. Also, I live in the US but come from a country where we do not circ_mcised and have never heard of any problems with infections if you don't do it. As long as a good hygiene is given...there's no problem. You say you didn't really want it to be done. Did you end up doing it because your husband wanted it ?


Misty - May 5

I had a little boy 2 years ago and I ad him circ_msised. It broke my heart, but I have to say that it also breaks my heart every time I took him to get shots and he would cry. It's like, I'm his mom and I'm not supposed to let anything hurt him. I had read something about it befroe he was born that made me decide for sure to do it, but I dont remember what. If I have another one boy this time though I will circ_msise him also , mostly because I want him to look like his brother and his dad and like other males.


Mary - May 5

Fabienne, I am Jewish and if I have a boy he will NOT be circ_mcised. It has been a hard decision for me to make given that it is a practice that is widely done here in the US and of course, it will go against my religion. However, I did my homework besides asking people, most of them had their kids circ_mcised, so of couse most of them would say yes to circ_mcision. But the ones who did not circ_mcise their kids open my door to tons of research on the subject, much of it can be found through simple google searches - symply type circ_mcision and go the first link. The info there can help you have peace of mind that not circ_mcising your kid could be the right thing for you. The only thing I can tell you is that there are no medical benefits to cirmc_msion - it is purely a religious and/or aisthetic issue. Good luck on suck a hard decision!


Misty - May 5

Mary is very right. Research has shown there aren't really medical advantages to being circ_mcised. It used to be thought that boys would not get infections, or at least less of them, if they were circ_mcised. But they are actually the same if uncirc_mcised boys just take care to keep themselves clean. It is mostly cosmetic. I chose to do it, even though they will suffer for a minute period of time, because I want my son to look like his father and brother. If his dad was uncirc_mcised he would be too. I think it is important for a boy to look like his dad so he doesn't grow up feeling insecure in his differences.


Karen - May 5

My husband had to get circ_mcised when he was 25. He tells me that not having the cover changes things s_xually. He also tells me nerve endings where cut as he does not feel things with the same intensity, one side of his p___s is not sensitive at all anymore. He also tells me that it does not matter to him because his religion is more important than s_x (He became Jewish). Well, a part of me would feel really sad to know I am mutilating my son and damaging his nerves down there. Another part me me says - it is what every man has to suffer to become a Jew. The day I have a son and have him circ_mcised I will wourn, but it will be done.


Jenn - May 5

Fabienne, my husband was actually leaning towards not doing it. He left it up to me.......which wasn't helpful. :0)


nhb - May 6

It was done to my son--he's only 11 months old now; I wasn't in the room, they did it the morning after I gave birth, so I wasn't quite up to walking around yet--nor would I have wanted to be there b/c I tend to pa__s out when I even see a needle, and my dr, of course, knew that and wouldn't have allowed me anyway. They gave my son some numbing cream, then did it, he cried for literally 10 seconds, that was it, no more problems--it didn't seem to bother him at all thereafter in the least. I kept petroleum jelly and some gauze on it to not stick to the diaper, and he's fine. I'll do it again if I have another boy. But I asked for the numbing cream though . . . some dr's do use it, some don't, and some only do if you ask. I'd definitely look into that too.


Julie - May 6

My son had it done when he was born and I'm sure it did hurt at the time but it healed great and I never noticed any pain when he came home from the hospital. He was always a great baby. I think it is a personal decision. My husband is circ_msized and his father was not and talked about how painful it was not being circ_mcized. My sister also has a boy who isn't circ_mcized and it is also painful and she has a hard time getting him to clean properly (he's 9 now). She wishes she would have done it. For those of you that do have boys it is hard to get them to wash properly. I know my son (3) even gets tp stuck in his when he wipes off because he has to do everything himself.



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