Classical Music And The Baby

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vwxyz - September 27

Hi all. My wife is 5.5 months pregnant right now and i have the following question. We had heard from multiple sources that it may be a good idea to "let" the baby listen to some soft classical music during pregnancy. So heeding that advice, occasionally my wife woult scotch-tape our IPOD's headphone's to her stomach and play some classical music to the baby. The problem is that whenever she does that she distinctly feels the baby begin to move/kick. Is that normal? Is it good/bad? And lastly: we are worried about playing the music too loudly, so we generally try to keep the volume really low. Is that a legitamate concern? Thanks a lot --alex


BethS - September 27

Im not sure about the cla__sical part but I can tell you that I have always loved hiphop music and while I was pregnant I always drove my hubbys truck cuz I felt safer. Anyway, the truck has a sound system in it that I would always have up pretty loud and he would move all over the place. My little one is now 14 months old and to this day that is the only music he will listen and dance to and he is perfectly normal lol


mammy16 - September 27

lol hmm im not keen on the idea of "scotch-tapeing IPOD's headphone's to her stomach" how about you just put some cla__sical music on to a CD player and let it play in the background?


vwxyz - September 27

Well...we had thought (and even hoped) that simply putting on light music in the background would not produce much effect. After all, if it does produce an effect then that means the baby can easily hear all of the surrounding noises. And with everything that happens around (i.e. cars honking, sirens, ppl arguing, etc..) we figured that all of that stuff would have more of a negative effect than light music has a positive. .....Anyway, i had always a__sumed that when ppl said "talk to your baby/play music to your baby" they meant you should talk/play music right next to the stomach.


mammy16 - September 27

well why not do it in a quiet room like late at night at when she can relax with no other loud noises around that would drownd the sound of the music out ... btw when i sed in the background i didnt mean a million miles away lol the cd player could be a few feet away and the sound would still reach your baby .. im sure you can buy special cds that you can play for your baby while still in the womb ..


vwxyz - September 27

Mammy16: you make some good points but you must admit -- is very easy to attach headphones to the stomach and go about your regular business :) ....But none of this answers my original question as to whether it good or bad that the baby begins to move/kick when listening to music. Clearly it is getting stimulated by the music but we are just not sure if that's the effect we are looking for...Does anyone know?


aggie03 - September 27

I too am playing music for teh baby with headphones (I bought the old school foam ones so they fit around my belly..i didnt tape them on lol....oh they actually SELL belly headphones at some baby stores) Anywho...The same thing happend to me, the baby moved at over the place. I asked the doctor and after he rolled his eyes at me he said it can not harm the baby they are just a little confused at first at the sound. Really the only thing they can hear is moms voice or really loud sounds. After awhile the baby gets use to it and will calm down........I also read to use the same song or cd over and over, so that after the baby is born you can play the song/cd in his/her room and it familiar to them. Goood luck!


aggie03 - September 27

Ohh..I started out with jazz music and got scared like you...they make some really good cla__sical/lulaby cds for $10 at Target that the baby seemed to "enjoy" more.


kyes - September 27

my mum told me of her friend who did this and the baby moved so much it strangeled itself in the cord.... so ill just have it in the back ground not on the tummy i think


BethS - September 28

kyes, way to scare the hell out of all pregnant women out there. Things like that just happen, I hardly think it was from listening to music.


dot - September 28

Hi vwxyz - I did the same thing I played cla__sical music to my baby boy (now one) to this day he is absolutleyy crazy about music (any kind) - I didn't worry about the loudness - dont know why guess I figuered he is inside my somach inside a sac with water and that would break the noise level - the best thing about this was I could turn on the music real loud when my baby was crying (you hear the music and not the baby) then I could calm him without me getting all upset and upsetting him more. I am currently 6 weeks again and I will definitly be doing that again - and yes my babyboy kicked and kicked and kicked- the one morning I woke up at 3am and just lay there and wanting my babe to kick (he didnt) I was so worried I thought he had died... then 6am when hubby left for work - I quickly put on the headphones and boy was I relieved when he started to kick!!


vwxyz - September 28

Thank you all for responses.



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