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A.V - December 13

Hi posted this similar question on signs of pregnancy but I haven't gotten much response, I took a test early sat morning and when it said not pregnant after three minutes I took the stick out and there was a control line and a very faint line I thought I was imagining things but I showed it to my husband and He saw it too but he said if the test says not pregnant then you're not, I was expecting af on Sun. and I have not gotten it yet, so sorry to make it so long but those that have used this test is it common or what did you see when you took it? And I'm pretty sure it was not an evaporation line after 3 min.


A.V. - December 13



r - December 13

sorry, but your explanation is not very clear to me. Did you take the Digital test? If so you would get a + or a - sign and it is very clear what you see. If it was a regular test then the faint line can be a possibility that you are pregnant. Let me know which test you did and I'll try and help you.


r - December 13

A.V I agree with T, you should test with a different brand to be sure. T - Through my experience I highly believe in the digital test because I was only a few days pregnant and it gave me a possitive sign where another test was negative (the doctor had to do 2 tests one negative one had a faint line). However the ClearBlue digital I used is exactly what you sidcribed with the flashing and the insertion but no words, just a bold + sign, and the negative sign is prettey easy to read too. Anyway it's helpfull to know that there are different digital tests being distributed through the same brand. Thnx for the info :o)


A.V - December 13

r, I took the digital one exactly how T describes, and I saw two lines and one was the control and the other was Faint. Well T it sucks that you say that those test can be faulty because I took two and they were the same results with the faint line and I just bought two more because I was thinking that they might be more sensitive to hcg then others. Darn I was all happy. Well I guess I'll see tomarrow when I take another.


BUMP - December 13



T - December 13

R - Your welcome. Glad I could help. There is some different digitals going around. A.V - Dont worry. With clearblue digital, even though it said not pregnant but you had a second line, I would still think this is a positive. In my situation I had several more positives. So I would go with your gut instinct and contact your doctor even if the next tests are negative. Ask for a quant_tative blood test. This is very accurate.


Ca__sie - December 14

I actually called the company because I had the same thing happen to me. The company specifically directed me to completely ignore the test strip itself. They said the ONLY results you should EVER go buy with their test was the digital reading itself- "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant". I hope this helps.


A.V - December 14

Thanks Ca__sie, I guess all their test strips have a second line appear on the test because I took 3 already and all had a very faint second line but the not pregnant on it and I'm three days late already, maybe it's not the test to use if you're less than a week late. I don't know I don't want to spend anymore money on test I've spent tons already. I think I'll just go for a blood test to be certain.


kate - December 14

I used clear blue + or - style, period 4 days late and almost instantly the faintest of faintest positive sign showed.I made appt. for dr. for pregnancy test...positive.From what I've read a faint positive is probably a positive.


A.V - December 14

Thanks Kate, I guess I'll just wait till the end of the week to see if af arrives if not I'm going for a blood test, Ca__sie did you turn out to be pregnant after taking that test? I'm confused cause I still don't have my period.


bump - December 14



T - December 14

Ca__sie - Thats true but they have to say that to cover their backs incase the tests gives a Not Pregnant when the woman actually is. A.V - You dont always get a second line. I didn't in my case. Only on my final test when I was 2 months late. So I would do some more tests or see your doctor.


A.V. - December 14

Thanks T you've been very helpful, I do find it odd that all three that I' ve taken would have a faint line on them so tonight I 'm gonna by a different brand and test in the morning. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks again for everyone's imput I still would appreciate anymore advice.


T - December 15

A.V - Your welcome and I hope its a positive for you. If it isn't I would still see your doctor for a blood test.


A.V. - December 15

Hi T it was still negative, but still no period. What's going on? I wonder how long it's taken people to get a positive on the hpt. How many days without af?


PJ - December 31

Okay...I had to add this because I've been researching all night...I'm a day late, and I had a test strip left over from the clear blue easy digital test, but had thrown the reader out. I'm a pee-on-a-stick-aholic, even though I'm not ttc, so I tried it out, and only got one line. But I wanted to research it...and this is what I found. The reason you're supposed to disregard the lines on the strip itself is because clear blue easy digital tests not only detect hcg, but also the ovulation hormone. I don't understand WHY they do this, but 99% of the time, a woman has this hormone in her system, and no matter when the test is taken, it will most likely show two lines (mine probably didn't because I'm on the pill), and that has nothing to do with being pregnant. Thats why the instructions state that you should disregard the strip itself completely. There's actually many articles out there on the net about this. If my af doesn't show up in the next day or two, I'm going to go buy a real test (not a digital one), and retest. Anyway...I hope this helps : )



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