Clear Prejaculation Fluid Pregnancy

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Wondering - October 10

There are so many back and forth answers, Plus people being smart when the question is asked. Many recent studies say there is no sperm in the clear fluid that seeps out at the point of arousal. Others say yes. Has anyone ever gotten a clear answer on this. I am not talking about pulling out a min before you ejaculate. I mean like s_x for say 10 min. And for some reason s_x had to end and there was no ejaculation, what are the chances of pregnancy???? Thanks for the time


Kat - October 10

This post is going to start (another) debate! There's different opinions on of which is; some medical people say that although there isn't sperm in pre-c_m, there is a chance that sperm could be released (sounds odd putting it like that) before ejaculation, so there would be a chance of pregnancy. There's always a chance of pregnancy when you have unprotected s_x...the chance may differ dependant on when/how etc, but that chance is always there. I'm certain a lot of people will post in response to this saying definitely yes and definitely no...and there's a high possibility they'll argue their point until they're blue in the face! As there's no proof of anything, I think the safest thing to do would be to always use contraception, if you're trying to avoid pregnancy.


To Kate - October 10

Thanks for input and not being oppinunated


BUMP - October 10



???????? - October 11



Bonnie - October 11

I think Kat said it pretty well. I have always read there is a chance, it is a low chance, but still a chance. Even with contraception there is a chance (I found that one out the hard way :P). I would always suggest using contraception at all times, and still try to avoid s_x at all when you ovulate.


BUMP - October 12



Momma to be - October 12

Listen: if you think you are pregnant, then TAKE A TEST. I will commend you for not being as dumb as the other people with their, "mii bf had s_x wit me am i preggers???" questions, but still, we cannot answer you! We don't know what you did, how long, with whom, how much pre-ejac came out, etc. Only you know that. And only a test can confirm. Studies show a lot of c___p, but unless you specifically measured the amount, how long you'd been having intercourse, etc. you probably don't know how "far along" in the process he was. Just take a test.


rita - October 18 hahaha theres a cute little moie on it and the answer its YES but ur chances are much lower



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