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curious - April 10

Well, im on an emotional roller the one who asked the questions about a positive test result then the two negatives...yesterday i bought a clearblue digital pregnancy test, b/c i figured since it would show 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' would be completely no doubt about the answer..but i took it and it said not pregnant...could I have had a miscarriage or something...i cried forever about it b/c my hopes were up so high and got crushed, could somoene please help me?


to curious - April 11

Make sure you taking the test the first thing in the morning. If it is still negative, you may want to contact your doctor's office to see if they can test. Are you late for af? Do you have many symptoms?


curious - April 11

Well, had my period the 6th until the 12th of march...then had a very light and short one March 31-2 or 3...a few days later, started getting ma__sive headaches..had one every day from the 5th until today..stomach is very bloated..hiccups..but dont know if thats a sign...frequent urination..cramps..and what i really dont know if i am or maybe just sick from something else...


Megan - April 18

Oh my gosh! I have waiting to read something on this Clear Blue digitial thing. I thought that it would be very quick and easy (and I also thought that I would see a Pregnant word on the screen!) but it came out negative! I still feel like I am pregnant tho-my period was only three days and it is usually 7! I don't know if these are trustworthy...does anyone feel the same?


Jbear - April 19

I have used all sorts of pregnancy tests, including the clear blue digital. I have never had a false positive result, but I had a couple of false negatives, when I tested too soon.


betty - April 19

go to the 99cent store and buy one of their me they work and you get theree in the box...and you can take the test anytime you feel like it...


to curious - April 19

I tested pregnant with the clear blue digital 3 weeks ago. You don't need to test in the morning. When I went to my doctors she didn't need to confirm my pregnancy as she said the home tests are so acurate. My sister once had a miscarriage and at the hospital they tested her for the hormone levels the home tests detect and they were getting less and less as she lost the baby. I can understand getting a false negative, if the test is faulty or you are testing too early but I think it would be very unusual to get a false positive.


Kaz - April 19

The stats apparently are that 1 in 3 pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Most often the bleeding is a__sumed to be a normal period because the pregnancy was never discovered. Kinda scary to imagine how many times we may have been pregnant and hadn't a clue.



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