Clearblue Easy Hpt What S The Secret

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Melissa - February 19

Has anyone used this test? It's the one that will either say pregnant or not pregant. I have been using them over the past couple of months and it's just been a waste of money since I have gotten an error every time. I have tried testing both ways and I still get an error (too much or too little urine). Anyone out there with better luck than me? Any suggestions for a better test to try next time? Thanks.


Donna - February 19

Hiya Melissa, i tried the Clearblue digital test and it was right for me i bought two in a pack, it cost me a bomb but the result was all worth it


Melissa - February 19

Thanks, Donna. I am glad that it worked out for you. Are you pregnant now? Can I ask, did you just dip the strip in your urine or use a cup?


Donna - February 20

Hiya im 32 weeks pregnant now due on April 22nd, i used a little cup and dipped the stick in for 1 min like it told me :)


TaraM - February 27

Hi there i took several other test and i find he clear blue to be the best. i also used a cup and put the stick in and it was positive in 2 seconds it was amazing and i am now 9weeks


Michaela - February 27

Melissa I'm 20 weeks pregnant now and I used "First Response Early Pregnancy Test" 3 days before my period was due and it was positive.First Response is easy to use only test for 15-25 MIu..I recommend that test!


Melissa - February 27

Thank you all for your replies. Turns out I was so anxious that I was not a__sembling the test properly. I never read the directions accurately - pretty dumb, huh? Anyway, I did finally figure it out and I have gotten 3 BFP's in the past week! I am approximately 5 weeks. Congratulations to all of you!


Beth - February 28

i used that test, i urinated in a cup then stuck the test in for however long it said and it worked for me


Monica - February 28

Hi. I used the test and it first came back negative. I took the stick out and looked at the back of it and there were two lines only one was really faint. I waited two days and tested again with first am urine and it said positive. I took out the strip and looked at the back and the line had gotten much darker. I think it is sensitive to a certain darkness of the line.



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