Cleft Palate

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San - September 26

Hi everyone im 39wks on weds and this is my 3rd baby (and last) My son has a double cleft lip and palate and will need some surgery at the childrens hospital, the first one will be when he,s 12wks old. I was wondering if any of you have had a baby born with any clefts? I know feeding will be a challenge and when i go in labour the cleft specialist has to come out to learn me how to feed him as most of the milk will come out of his nose so we have to use special squeezy bottles. We,ve picked the name Ryan as children with clefts can have speech probs with letters like B,D,and H, so Ryan will be easy for him to say when he,s school age. So if anyone has any questions or anything i will do my best to help. San x


Sonxabobillia - September 26

Hi again San. I forgot to mention the following in my first post. Here is the Medela website special feeding devices for your information: I would recommend that you go into the hospital with this information so your new addition has a fighting chance. We didn't know about our babies' cleft lip & pallet until birth so it came as a shock. We also didn't know about the medela feeders until the day baby came home. I have many more stories & facts to share if you would like hear them. Sonx


Jane - September 27

Hello, I didn't realize this is something that can be detected in utero? Can they detect this by an U/S or are there different tests that they do? thank you and good luck.


geri - September 27

hi..i am did they find this out before he was born? was it diagnosed with a regular ultrasound?


Sonxabobillia - September 27

To Jane & Geri, This can be picked up in ultrasound & usually is. Only problem is that it may not show up at about 19 weeks. Our baby's cleft was developed through the ingestion of a medication called Diclectin which mom took later on in pregnancy. This is why we didn't know until birth. The Diclectin was needed because of some complications during pregnancy & it could have been a lot worse. Our little one is bright & lively and shows no signs of long term challenges such as speech impediments. All we can do is pray for our babies & hope that God comes through for them.


Sonxabobillia - September 27

I should also mention that our baby was sucking her thumb during the ultrasound so that may have been a problem in trying to see it if it were there that early. We have no history of clefts in either of our families.


san - September 28

Hi everyone, my sons cleft was diagnosed at my 20wk scan as they now automatically check this, although you have to give birth before they can check the palate. Then i was offered an amnio as babies with clefts can have other defects but we got the all clear for that and thats how i know he,s a boy. With him having a double cleft im told he will probably have to have special tape across his lips under the nose to prepare him for surgery cause apparently it keeps the skin flat,and ive got to change this everyday. They can be more prone to chest infections and wind (probably why he hiccups about 3 times a day) haha, anyway hopefully he.ll be here by nextwk. If anyone wants more info my e-mail ad is [email protected]


geri - September 28

thanx for the info..i didn;t know all of this...and aren't we blessed to live in a time and in a country with such amazing modern medicine now that they can help him so much with this?? blessings...


Trish - September 28

My oldest son, now 11 had a cleft pallet but no cleft lip (it begins to split at the uvula). When he was first born, they said to expect he would need surgery, not be able to b___st feed, have problems with ear infections and hearing, and then have speach problems. He ended up b___stfeeding from day one for 2 years - the only issue he had then and still does, when he throws up, it comes out of his nose as well as his mouth. He never had any issues with ear infections, hearing, or speach. He does have more fluid/wax than others and make sure when he gets older he doesn't hold his nose when he sneezes because that can hurt his hearing.



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