Clicking Popping Sound From Womb

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KH - May 13

does anyone else hear a clicking sound when the baby moves quickly? do you know what it is? I looked it up on the internet and it does seem to be something some women are confused about and I read a comment by a midwife that she hears this from patients and doesn't know what it is.......


Julie - May 13

I've never heard anything? Maybe gas or your stomach growling?


KH - May 13

it sounds kind of like a knuckle cracking or fluid swishing around. very weird - I'm not concerned - just confused... thanks :)


Marney - May 14

I never heard of that before. Are you sure it's not just gas?


KH - May 14

it's definitely not gas, but thanks for the thought :)


toes - May 14

mayber yer gonna give birth to a rapper? lol


ralph - May 14

maybe he is building something


Rachel - May 14

why even bother with these dumb replies.


Maddie - May 14

I think the replies are humorous. It's a very uncommon thing obviously, I have no idea what it is either. I've never heard it before and my baby moves crazy all the time. It seems impossible to me, but I hope someone can find the answer.


B - May 15

for the girl who thinks it's impossible - I found this on the internet by someone questioning a midwife. What is that strange clicking sound? Occasionally a pregnant woman will describe a distinctive 'click' or 'pop' coming from inside her uterus, usually when her baby is moving during middle to late pregnancy. This is not very common, but we have been asked this question by a few women over the years during the course of them sharing their experiences. The 'clicking' phenomenon is not doc_mented in midwifery or obstetric text books. Therefore it is hard to know what really causes it. One plausible explanation may be that the baby's joints are rubbing or 'clicking' as they move, but we cannot be certain. In our experience, women who have noticed 'clicking' have gone on to have healthy, normal babies. Therefore we do not think it is anything to be concerned about. Perhaps it will just remain one of those strange mysteries of pregnancy?


L - May 15

Hi KH...I noticed a clicking noise a couple times within my womb area. It happened once when I picked up my 28 lb toddler and another time when I either bent over or turned quickly. (I was right around 20 weeks) It was strange feeling (and sounding). I just took it easy afterwards but still don't know what to make of it. I'll ask my doctor next visit to see if she has any answers.


Kaz - May 16

I've heard this too, It's seems to be coming from the higher part of the uterus. That's weird, I've just guessed it's wind.


L - May 16

It kinda frightened me when it first happened. At first I thought my water was beginning to break, they I thought perhaps it was the tip of my utereus against my rib cage?? I am 25 weeks now and have not felt it since week 20. Weird...


cas - May 18

I have heard the clicking sound. I'm 35 weeks and have probably heard it about 4 times in the past 6 weeks. It's not a recurring thing and you kind of just sit here and think - what was that? I just a__sumed it was something moving or stretching in there as it was also when there were strong or sudden movements. There doesn't seem to be much info out there apart from what you have already discovered here.


Lena - May 20

Yep, I'm 35 weeks too and was just doing a search for that clicking sound I hear often when the baby kicks. I guess it's something no one could know about. I have a hard time believing I could be hearing the baby's joints. To me it almost sounds more like a splashing of the fluid or something. It's also in my upper right side of the uterus. Wierd...


KH - May 20

mine is in the upper right mostly too, but sometimes on the r side. so weird - I wish I could figure it out - my OBGYN had never heard of it......


Renee - May 21

I hear this strange clicking/popping sound too! Several times a day, just above my navel area, after I eat something. It started after doctors were able to turn my breech baby around into the normal (head down) position and wonder if it has anything to do with this. My doctor and all other medical professionals have no idea and look at me as if I am from outerspace. They did a half hour ultrasound to look at the baby, who seems to be doing fine. I was suprised, and somewhat relieved to find someone else with the same symptom! By the way, today is my due date, so wish me luck!



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