Clomid And Pregnancy

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stephbray - March 11

I am currently taking Clomid 2 help me ovulate and get pregnant. I am sure I ovulated. I had the pain and did all the right things when it came to making love 2 conceive and I have been having cramps sometimes strong but none that are where i cant tolerate them. They feel like menstrual cramps. Been having those and pain in my upper legs a few times and very sore br___ts and extremely moody. Tired all the time. I am due for my period today actually. My periods have always been unpredictable. Anyone relate?


esmeraldausiahon - March 12

hi i am taking clomid to, and had 2 miscarriages, but to being unpredictable, me to, i have very irregular cycles, sometimes 7 weeks, and nothing, but if you really want to know, do a test, i am on my second cycle now, and on cd 15 and still haven't ovulated, but i keep my thumbs up for you, good luck!


yumymumy - March 12

clomid affects women differant, i got extremly moody i had cramping i felt my egg release. but they shouldnt be extreme like your saying but then i could be wrong, if your periods are irregular then this could be why. my cycles were from 50 too 190 days long so taking a pill to force me to ovulate was painful. but they subsided after a week. clomid can make your cycles longer/or shorter depends and even if you ovulated and had intercourse on time still does not mean you will concieve, the sperm needs to reach and there are other small factors. take a pregnancy test and fingers crossed! goodluck i hope it works, i concieved on 2nd round of clomid.


anita2000ng - March 13

Hi,i have the same problem,i took the last clomid i was placed on,on Feb.08 and saw my period for just 2 1/2 days.since then i've had cramps,soreness of the b___bs and have been feeling abdomen is swollen and fame,i reall don't know cos i did a test an dit came back neg.what do i do?



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