Clomid Good Or Bad

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Belle - March 1

Are there any women out there that can give me their opinions and feelings about using clomid?


Maleficent - March 1

i've never been in the position of needing it, but for what it's worth my opinion is that as long as it is used responcibly and as directed it's a good way to go. i hear about these people out there using it to produce litters of babies and it makes me sad.


A - March 1

Whats clomid?


rose - March 1

clomid is a medication that "tricks" your body into releasing more eggs (increasing your chance of conceiving) if i am not pregnant i will be put on it next tuesday....i am a bit scared and would also like to have more opinions of it...i have been to all the sites about it but would like to hear from someone with "hands-on" experiance...


me - March 1

is CLOMID safe if you are fertile?


to me - March 1

why would you want to use a drug to increase chance of conceiving if you are already fertile? i would say no, its not safe if there is nothing wrong in the first place.


to me - March 1

if it because you want twins they are not guaranteed


Belle - March 2

On the one hand Clomid is good because it tells you exactly when to have s_x and when you will ovulate, it also doubles your chances of twins, 1:80 to 1:40. I do ovulate on my own, however, because my cycles differ I am always a day out every month. My greatest concern is miscarriages and if they are common on clomid. I have an excellent Gynie, surely he would not have put me on this if he were worried? I start on Friday with the clomid.


Belle - March 2

Another thing, a just read on a CLOMID website that more than half the women on clomid fall pregnant within 3 months. Usually the Gynie will prescribe it for max 6 months only. Wish me luck.


michelle - March 2

read thei nfertility forum, you will have lots of answers there, women like myself are taking clomid and there isalot of us!


Dear Michelle - March 2

Are miscarriages common in taking clomid or is it just a rumour? Have you started yet and if you have, did you have symptoms? Belle.



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