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Anna - October 2

I have a 6 month old baby and just found out I'm pregnant again, even though I was on the pill. Has anyone here had a baby that close in age, they will be 13 or 14 months apart. I just don't know what to expect. I wanted my baby to be about 2 when we had the 2nd.


karine - October 2 daughter and son have 18month apart...and let me tell ya that it was hard. My daughter didnt accept her little brother very much and it was Kaos in the house...she is now 3 and he is 22month. things are much better, but i know while my son was an unfant..i coudnt always give him ,my hundred percent my daughters jealouse behaviors. but they are much better now and they are like best friends they fight occasionally. But its kinda fun cause they are in the same group age, and when we do activities we dont have to worry as they can do the same things. Now that my son will turn 2 in nov. and daughter 3 iam pregnant again. And i cant wait!!!!!! closenest between kids have disadvantages and advantages.


Anna - October 2

Thanks, my husband is so excited, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Which makes me feel bad because I was so excited about my baby I have now.


christy - October 2

My kids are 19months apart and it's the same way with them. There 4 and 6 and play together constantly. We homeschool and I have to grab my daughter first thing in the morning or there they go into there magic world of make believe. It's hard to begin with but so worth it. Good luck.


HH - October 2

My older brother is 20 months older and my younger brother is 14 months younger. I never fought with my younger brother. I didn't walk yet when he was born (I'm slow or something!) do I know that my parents had to get a twin stroller for a little while. It was probably hard for Mom, but now she is glad. It was always great fro us kids. So much so that I want to do the same! It will turn out fine. We never had any jealousy issues, so maybe you will have the same luck!


sian - October 2

hi anna, my first was also 6 mnths when i found out iwas pregnant again. they are 15 mnths apart.i found it very hard the first couple of months but after that it just got girls are very close and play very nicely together.i have also found that my youngest (now 2) is learning alot quicker with speech etc from copying her big sister.iam now 37 1/2 weeks with my 3rd now so thats gonna be fun!!!



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