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Christa - November 6

I was at Thyme Maternity yeasterday and got great deals today is the last day of the sale and if you are pet_te like me I got nice things that fit . If you but one you get the outher 1/2 off and they wont have this sale again till next year its a once a year sale I got 3 pants 3 blouses and 2 nursing tops and 2 undreware for $255.00 . i am in canada I am not sure if the US has the same store just wanted to share as i know cloths are so hard to get and expensive


ally - November 6

maternity stores will always take u down and over price, i dont believe you are in them long enuff to pay out too much, i bought some of mine from 2nd hand shops, now they are back at the 2nd hand shops, my bras i bought were good maternity ones and i still wear them as they are comfy as, same with undies i feel also to be important, glad u got a bargain but i am in aus and have had my baby and hope someone got to see ur bargains and catch their own, all the best


To Christa - November 6

Damn those are sum expensive cloths.


Christa - November 7

Well i am in Canada and thats a deal normal jean cost oaround $60 to $100 buck a pair here unless you go to walmart or zellars and pay about $40 to get a good pair of runners you are looking at at least $90 when my daughter who is 15 needs her winter cloths we spent at leat $300 not encluding her coat or boots just a couple sweaters and jeans I cant wait till she stops growing .


Jill - November 7

Aside from the usual cheap places (Target, Old Navy, etc) I have found Ross to be GREAT. I have yet to check if my TJ Maxx or Marshalls carries materntiy. (Just starting matenity clothes). I have bought 3 tops at Ross for $23 total. I find that the tops at Target and ON are for skinny minis. I am large chested to begin with, and they seem like there is no room for my bust to grow. The tops I got at Ross seem to fit much better so I won't show that horrible fat buldge around my bra in the back.


To Christa - November 7

I was just picking sweety ;o) I noticed that you posted cloths (like wash cloths) instead of clothes. I actually thought you may be another preggo lady that like to chew on wash cloths. Sorry, I was just trying to be funny, I hope I didn't offend you in any way. :o)



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