Clubbin Ye Or Ne

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xXx - October 8

Can you still go clubbing when pregnant? is there anything wrong with it?


pbj - October 8

Umm, I don't think I've ever thought of that before. I guess if you can muster the energy to do it. Would you really want to be in a smoke filled room with sweaty people? Once you're in the middle of you 2nd trimester, your baby can hear, some babies are bothered by loud music, others are not. My best friend said her daughter started squirming alot when she attended a concert, my baby doesn't seem to mind loud noises. (I hope that she's not deaf though) I guess I just don't get why you'd want to.


Heather - October 8

It depends how you feel if your only "a little" pregnant and want to go with your friends, family, co workers, and hang out-you should go. You probably won't feel like being in the scene after a while anyway. I personally can't stand cigarettes right now the smell makes me throw up, and it's really not good for you or the baby but if you feel up to it GO!


Ranya - October 8

I don't think there is anything wrong with it but personally I can't stand being in smoke-filled areas and crowded places make me nervous that someone's gonna bump me in the belly...


Bonnie - October 8

There's nothing wrong with going out dancing or having a good time. But I'd stay away from any smoke filled places as that can have an effect on the baby.


:) - October 8

I went with a friend of mine for her birthday. It wasn't too bad, we had fun watching the drunk cougars hitting on 18yr olds and playing pool.. but it got old quick. Everyone else got more and more drunk, while i sipped my root beer and felt completely left out.


Lisa - October 8

No. I stopped only because once people really start drinking and I can't anymore it's annoying sometimes to be around them when you're stone cold sober. I just don't feel like it anymore; I would rather be at home now or out to dinner or something. I go for a drink with my husband on the weekends and he has his beer and I have my gingerale in a wine gla__s to make it fun...or I do that with the girls. But when they go out on the town, it just seems odd being pregnant and at the bars late at night.


Gemma - October 8

It would be nice to be able to but I am not sure if I would risk it with all the smoke. It would also be very busy and you have the chance of getting knocked over or some idiot starting a fight with you. I think going to the pub for a couple of hours would prob be ok.


Lisa - To Gemma - October 8

I agree. Our Halloween Party this year is at a bar and I'm looking forward to it, but Im dreading it at the same time. We splurged on this really expensive couples costumes of Marie Antionette and King James (wigs and all) and I think at the bar it will cut the fun down because it's not as fun as someone elses house, and plus this is a smaller bar. I'm afraid someone will either fall on me, get me with a cigarette or hit my stomach in which case I'll lose it if they do.


ally - October 8

I was feeling at my lowest when i was 8 mths pregnant, got all dressed up, went to a bar, danced, had a ball, i felt better for it. You just can't dance etc like u used too. If i can do it at 8 mths pregnant, mind u i barely showed so i could get away with it, anyone can do it, go for it, i never regretted it cause once baby comes its harder to do things like that, u can still do it, just isn't spontaneous, needs planning, go for it and have a blast.........I do agree with ranya be careful incase an idiot does knock into you.


TruckinFool - October 8

This may be a stupid question, and perhaps because I've never done it and never been interested in it...but why would you go into that atmosphere? Especially being pregnant? Booze, fights, and contact....seems alittle...I dunno... and about the smoke, I smoke, but not around unborn baby.....working on tryin to quit that.......smoking that is


ally - to truckin - October 8

To leave the mundane routine of watching tv on the sofa in my jammies, You get dressed up, make up applied, had dinner there, then had a dance, the whole idea of being out feeling at my lowest did wonders. Its all about if that scene interested u pre pregnancy, some ppl arent into the bar/club scene, i enjoyed going out and listening to a band or going for a quiet drink, the whole point was i was out of the house somewhere different than the cinema or a market etc....... being pregnant u can get hurt anywhere, car, walking down the street, getting out of the bath and slippin, not just the niteclubs, same goes for the ciggies and ppl smoking they're everywhere,


Xxx - October 9

yeah, i wanna despratly go out but not to the extent of clubbin, maybe just a meal and a dance somewhere but whats the best place to do that other then a club? has anyone any sugestions?


Lisa - To xxx - October 9

You can always go to your favorite place to eat then head somewhere to a small bar for the dancing. We used to go to a place which had it all there; an upstairs to eat your meal and the downstairs was filled with couches and a fireplace and a little dancing area. There was live piano and all that, it was really nice and you could get dressed up if you like.


h - October 9

to xXx, you can go out and do anything you used to do, just remember to stay out of places that allow smoking. As bad as second hand smoke is for you, it's a hundred times worse for the baby. Places in LA don't let you smoke in them, but now I'm in germany with this one and these idiots smoke everywhere so I can't go out like I did before. In where I used to live, there were alot of pubs where you could eat and dance and converse - not too loud, just alot of fun! Good luck finding something to suit you!



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