Clueless About Which Man Is The Father

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lashelle' - May 15

If I had s_x with one man Dec.26,03. And had s_x with another man Dec.28,03. And the doctor said I got pregnant Dec.29,04. Which man would most likely be the father of my unborn child???


Kari - April 30

It could be either one of them. Your most fertile days are the few leading up to ovulation, the day of ovulation, and possibly the day following ovulation. If your doctor says you conceived on December 29, then he means he believes you ovulated on December 29th. So, by having s_x with manA on December 26th and manB on December 28th, it all depends on who's little spermy got in first. Although your egg only lives about 24 hours, sperm can live up to 72 hours in the fertile environment. Good luck!!!!


Maureen - April 30

Kari, your very knowledgeable, thank you for that answer, I was wondering that myself after I've read her question. But don't you think that Man B on Dec.28th.03 would have a better chance??


Jackie - May 3

One wouldn't know because if you were fertile both of those days you had s_x, you would pretty much have to wait until the child comes out for a DNA test, sorry. But those two days are very close. A person can get pregnant right after they are done ovulating as well so who knows. Good luck!


Alexis - May 13

It is the second guy because the sperm only survive 24 hours


Ann - May 15

Could be either one, They can never be axact on your ovulation date, it has an error rate of one week either. JUst make sure you tell both guys the truth if you want either one of them to be involved, I had a friend who's boyfriend found out 4 months after the birth that he was not the father- He broke up with her because of the fact that she wasn't up front. They had been on a break and were seeing other people at the time of conception but had also been seeing each other. Messy situation.



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