Cocaine Use During Pregnancy

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rebecca - April 13

what are the legal consequences giving birth to a baby who has tested positive for illegal drugs?


Misty - April 13

I am pretty sure that even if it only tests positive for weed they take the baby from you. While you go to rehab I think, then you can try to get your baby back. But if you are, or you know someone who is, taking cocain right now then please get them to go to rehab for it now. My grandme helped deliver babies of women who were addicted to cocain and she said it was the saddest thing she ever saw and she could never forget it. They are born underweight and they twitch and shake because they are going through withdrawls. It is kind of sad if you think about it. That is what makes addictions so hard. But if this person never had a reason to try to quit before she does now. Try to talk to her and get her to at least try to go to rehab. It will be hard but she will eventually have to do it anyway to keep her baby. Why not do it now bafore the baby has to go through the pain of withdrawl also.


E - April 14

It varies. They will send a social worker to your hospital room/home, and they have the right to call the Dept. Social Services for futher evaluation. Testing positive and addiction are two different things. It all depends on the severity of the case, and what DSS decides the course of action needs to be.


Heidi - April 14

It depends on each state's law. Here they won't take your kid away but they will make you seek drug counseling or something like that. We've had many moms we know who are doing drugs while pregnant and unfortunately, there's not much social services can do to them. Now after the baby is born and we catch them doing drugs while caring for their child, social services will take them away for a very short time and I'm sure some program is set up to get the mom cleaned up and off drugs. Pot is bad but these days they're really watching for cocaine and meth use more than anything.


Kristin - April 14

Well i think it depends on first of all how you appear when you give birth , if your acting weird and and they suspect it then they have every right to test, but legal problems shouled be the least of worries. Thats babies medical health can be severley jeapordized, coke babies are the saddest babies to see born.


candace - May 3

what happens when you do cocain while b___st feeding?


Billie - May 3

I believe that coke can get into your milk supply....


really confused - May 3

why would anyone want to put your baby through the pain and suffering of withdrawl, as an adult you would understand the feeling, and how intense that is...imagine weighing only 5-7 pounds, and then going through all of that, i just dont get it...honestly if i was apart of the DSS i wouldnt allow that baby to leave with the mother. a great movie to watch on this is called losing issah with hallie berry, i think that it does a great job on touching base with both the mother, and childs side...sorry if i came across rude, but this is a serious matter.


...... - May 3

do they automatically test babies for drugs when they are born?


wooooh - May 3

oh my god but this is a serious matter.


C'mon - May 3

Let's take some freaking responsibility shall we???? Can't people stay clean and sober once they become pregnant????


Audrea - May 3

I am an RN and work in the Neonatal ICU and L&D when needed. I work in Texas and if a mother is even suspected of using drugs, or the newborn has even the slightest symptom of withdrawal or drug problems we will perform a drug screening on the mother and the infant without the parent's permission. There are many ways to test an infant for drugs, and mom would never know it was done. We do not get the parent's permission for the drug test. If it comes back positive and it is not due to pain meds during labor, then we can and will take the infant away from it's mother right away. It can be quite devastating for the infant and the new parents. AND ONE THING to say about Cocaine use during pregnancy. It is VERY deadly to mom and fetus. It can kill them both the first time it is used or maybe on the twentieth try. It can kill by causing the placenta to seperate from the uterine wall causing the mother and fetus to hemorrhage to death. The pregnant woman would be bleeding to death on the inside and may not even be aware of it if it is not leaking out of the cervix out the v____a. It is callend Placenta Abruptio. Cocaine use also causes stillborn in the fetus. One day the heart of the fetus will be going 150, the next day it can be at a standstill, then you get the stillborn. Does it sound worth the risk to any of you out there who are still doing drugs?


really confused - May 3

i am not trying to start anything, but i dont like being mocked, using illiegal substances while carrying a child is a very serious matter.


stop doing it NOW! - May 4

why would you do this,if you have drug problems then dont get pregnant.i used to do a bit of speed but when we decided to have a baby i stopped and wouldnt ever touch it now,i guess some people dont know how to take responsibility for things.


Nikki - May 5

Why would you be so stupid to do cocaine period and even stupider when your carrying such a precious little life????? Have you ever seen a baby who has just been born that is already addicted to cocaine or crack at only an hour old, they cry and cry and cry not to mention the medical problems that come from you being an absolute idiot. They constantly cry and shake because they aren't getting the substance they are use to getting, they are already dependent on cocaine. You are a selfish woman and should not be able to have children.


ANNETE - May 31

if you did use cocain/crack at some point in the pregancy, how long does it take to leave the babies system. My freind is 23 weeks and has decided to stop. What will be the outcome of her babies health and testing at delivery?


Corrie - July 9

I'm new to this particular web page but I am in need of some information pertaining to this topic. My husband and I are currently fostering (with the intent to adopt) a newborn who has been exposed to cocaine at birth. Does anybody know what the current side effects of withdrawls are and the basic symptoms to look out for. The baby has expierenced some tremoring when fatigued and muscle stiffness. He can also become very angered when extremely tired. Some other Q's we have is how long should we expect this behavior? At what point has the drug been completely weened from his system? Any information would be helpful.



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