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kristap - June 18

I'm 19 and I'm in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program in college, which is a 2 and a half year program. I've already completed a year, and well, lets just say my pregancy was very accidental, and unwanted by the other party involved. I was taking ortho-evra and we used condoms, now my boyfriend of almost 2 years wants me to get an abortion and is no where to be found after he found out. ANYWAYS, If my due date is accurate, I should have the baby around January 3rd. Which would fall in the middle of Christmas break. School is the most important thing to me, i'm realy excited about my career choice, etc. If I do not continue, I have to immediately begin repaying my student loans and scholarships. I'm not so sure what to do. No one is going to take a 2 week old baby into daycare, so I would have to find a responsible, reliable babysitter. I know everything is going to be hard as h__l here, But if anyone has any advice, or successful college stories to share that would help, ALOT. Thank you


Olivene - June 18

Krista, Most student loans have a 6 month grace period before repayment and I've never heard of having to repay a scholarship- are you sure? The pill and condoms, really?! I'm sure you can find someone to care for your baby. It will be expensive, though. Do you think you will see any money from the father? Would it be possible to take one semester or quarter off, just to get adjusted? If your baby is early or late, what will you do? I'm trying to think of ways to help... Maybe you could find another single mom and exchange childcare- you'd have to have opposite schedules, but that might be a possibility. Also, with a baby you should qualify for more financial a__sistance- check with your college financial aide office and see what they ideas they have for you. I know there are emergency loans available, usually. You'll only have, what, one year of school left? There must be a way! Good luck.


littlenurse73 - June 18

kristap, Olivene is correct about the 6 month grace period for financial aid loans. Also, you can get a deferral on the loans which means you don't have to pay them right away. Also, most colleges have childcare on campus. Check it out and get yourself on the waiting list. If they won't take your baby right away because age, maybe someone can help you out with watching the baby for a few months. Good luck!


mcbanes_angel - June 18

when i got my pregnant, my now-husband and i had been dating about five months. although we had planned on getting married and having kids after we got out of college, this little one decided to have other plans. we were both scared to death and neither one of us have any money or anyting. we had to get the first job and car that came along, which was horrible. he is going to finish school online, and im going to try to start some online cla__ses to become a teacher. there are always options available for you. since it appears that your alone on this situation. i suggest if you are leaning toward abortion, put the baby up for adoption. thats est he takes a long hike. i hope that everything will work out for you with the child care, because i to am facing that problem. i definatly do not want my baby in daycare esp. at a few months.


venus_in_scorpio - June 19

Is there any way you can take a semester off, or go part-time? I have been going to school part time for a year and I like it. I am 20 and pregnant, due november 20. I work full time and go to school also. You can do it! Does your school have a daycare program?


venus_in_scorpio - June 19

you should def. have 6 months to pay off your loans too... and you can apply to have them deferred until a later date if you need to. talk to a financial aid counseller at school and they will let you know your options and work with you on it.



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