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notnow - June 7

If the mother is white and the father is black, what color tone will the baby be? How soon do they get a color to them after birth?


Patti - June 7

You never know what color the baby will be. I have a friend who's two kids are so different. One is light tan with straight hair and the other looks black with curly hair. It's my understanding that they can be any shade from white to very black. Also, my niece's baby was born white and slowly developed color over the first two months. Sorry, this is not really any kind of definite answer, but I don't think there is one.


gkaren2706 - June 8

patti is right on that...I am white my daughters father is black and she was born pretty dark but has lightened up in the last 3 anything is possible...if you watch Maury there was a girl on there that was white...said a black guy was the father but the baby was white...guess what?...he was the father.


dee23 - June 8

well my mum is white, and my dad is black. i turned out white with a hint of olive. i also have my mum's straight thin hair as apposed to my dad's hair which is black and afro. although, when i was born, i had very white skin and looked completely like my mum with the blonde hair and everything. but now at hair is very dark brown and getting alittle wavy, and im looking abit more closer to my dad in facial features. im curious to this question aswell as i have a friend who is going to give birth soon, and she is very very aussie and so, and her husband is very very excited to find out....i think thats most of the fun :)


HannahBaby - June 8

you said that this is your 4th child.......


shannon5980 - June 8

Hello, I am very white and my husband is very black. we have a four year old son that is a beautiful tan color. When he was born he was pretty white it seems every year he gets darker. his hair is a soft curl. we just found out we are expecting again i cant wait to see what this one looks like. good luck to you all.


LadyD - June 8

There is no way of knowing. I am a caramel complexion and my daughter's father is about the same but his father is fully Puerto Rican, so he's 1/2 black, 1/2 spanish. My daughter was really, really light as a baby and as she gets older, her skin got a lil darker. She's still not my complexion, though. She's what I call "yellow." I have an ex who's dad has a REALLY dark complxion and his mom is pale as a ghost and he has an olive color. All you can do is wait & see.


lexa - June 8

You really won't know until the baby is born. The color doesn't really come out right away. My one cousin (white) married a black woman, and their son looks like a tan color with pretty black curly hair. My other cousin (white) had a baby to a black guy, and the little girl is white as a ghost with real blonde curly hair. He asked for a DNA test to prove it was his (his mom is white and his dad is black). Well, she was his. My aunt had a son to a black man, and he looks half and half. So it's hard to tell which traits your baby will have. Are you worried about the color? Just wondering why you are asking the question that's all.


notnow - June 8

My husband is hispanic. I saw a black man on 3/7. My lmp was 3/1 with a 28 day cycle. My doctor says I conceived on 3/16


iakram - June 8

well then that explains you question.


Twinmom2be - June 8

TO notnow: why in your other post were you painting a bad picture of your husband for "knocking" you up???? You said that when you had s_x with him you used protection, so it must be the other guys. I am not sure what type of guy your husband is but no matter what you are in the wrong for cheating. Sorry just an opinion.


HannahBaby - June 8

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOT NOW you are hilarious!! I see why you are p__sed that you are pregnant!! because you cheated on your husband! Shoulda said that in the first place.


angie m - June 8

notnow in your other questions you said that you thought that your husband might have poked holes in the condom or something because he wanted another baby and you didn't. It sounded like he was very controling and forced you to have another. Now you are worried that it might be someone elses. WOW! I hope that your baby doesn't come out black that would be quit a shock to your husband who is all excited about having another. If your husband is so controling and you are out with other people why are you two still together. And know you are bringing a baby into this mess.


amethyst_dragonfly - June 8

notnow, I really don't know your situation--I don't remember having read any of your other posts-- but what's really important here is that you are having a baby. And although knowing who the father is-- especially in this situation-- is very important, you have to do what's best for you and your baby. If you don't want to be with your husband... if he's stressing you out and making your life miserable, you need to get the hell away from him. Even if he is the father of your other child(ren)... even if he isn't "such a bad guy"... when you resort to compromising your morals because you're unhappy, that means it's time to go. I know it's hard to even think about; but consider how unfair you're being to yourself and your child if you continue to live like this!


Been There - June 8

You know, I've never understood why people ask this type of skin color question. No one could possibly know and I don't see what difference it really makes. But it really gets me that the only reason someone is asking is because they think it will tell them who fathered their child. You need more than guesses. You need a DNA test. By the way, Hispanic people can be darker than Black people. They carry pigment just as well.


olivia - June 8

Just an interesting sidebar on color (i don't know what to say about the rest), my friends are both Haitian and quite black. They had a son who was born so white they wouldn't have believed he was theirs if they hadn't seen him being born, he also had soft brownish hair at birth. They were sort of shy to show him to family and friends because he was so white. He did not darken in color for a couple months and is now very similar to their coloring. So it can in some instances take a while for the baby to show his/her true pigment.


Natashasmomma - June 8

Usually there very light when the are delivered. And then from anywhere from 1 month to 2 years and on they will get all ther color or most of it. My daughter is mixed I am italian and my hubby is back she has ligght brown hair and brown/hazel eyes and is the skin tone of halle berry. I have seen some that dont even look like there mixed they just look black. It just depends on the Genes



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