Colostrum Question

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Nina - May 18

Is it wierd if you leak colostrum after 3 weeks? I was pregnant before and I wanted to know if this was common. Or am I farther along than I should be?


Nina - May 18

ok, I didnt leak to rephrase the question. I noticed it after I squeezed my nipple.


Nina - May 18

Im starting to hate this site. Ive written three times and its givin me nothing. SO this is the last bump im doing.


B - May 18

My friends who have leaked...didn't leak until later in their pregnancy. From what I have read anything is possible at any point in the pregnancy. PS A lot of people will not post an answer if they really don't know. Keep posting, don't give up. Somebody will eventually read it and know more.


Kaz - May 19

Started leaking about 5 mnths. Had a cold about 7 mnths and it would dribble out when I blew my nose.


BBK - May 19

Nina, could you define "after 3 weeks"? Are you 3 weeks pregnant? Also when was your last pregnancy? Generally there is no set time for this to happen, but 3 weeks is early


Maleficent - May 19

it's not early. b___st changes are normal and depend on each womans own hormones. i had a wee bit of moisture going on during my first trimester. it's common to leak earlier with subsequent pregnancies.


Nina - May 19

Sorry all, moodiness gets you nowhere :) Well Its been about three weeks into the pregnancy (if I am at all) Its been 6 years since my last pregnancy. I was 17 and I had an abortion. So, I kinda freaked out because me and my fiance were playing around and I squeezed my nipples. sorry, I dont mean to be s_xual :) Low and behold there was colostrum. Now its comming out of both b___sts. I took a test this morning and it came back negative. This made me to believe that im not pregnant from last month and my last period was lagit. (if you know what I mean) So I was wondering if this could be from me being pregnant three weeks. Or is there something else that I should worry about. I do have the streachy pains in the lower abdomen, nausea in the evening, distended tummy, and dont forget the moodiness!! Anyway I hope I can figure out what in the world is going on with me. I know Im going to have to wait till my next period (if it even comes) and just take it from there. See I also missed my period when I was pregnant the last time. Im sooo confused and irritated. Ty all for everything.


BBK - May 19

Nina, it is possible that if you think you're pregnant *in your mind* you can leak prolatin. Don't forget that the whole lactating process is triggered by your mind. I'd say have it checked with your gyno to be sure about all of these possibilites, including the one about being pregnant.


You also - May 19

Can squeeze your nipples and have colostrum come out even if you are not pregnant.


ES - May 19

I was leaking from conception. It was the leaking that made me go to the doctor. I was doing my self b___st exam and out came a bunch. I called the doctor and she ran a bunch of tests and none were positive. Then 2 days later my pregnancy test was positive.


Nina - May 19

i dont think I am. To say that Im not makes it better because I dont want to rush things but I wont have an abortion if I am. It would be a blessing and I will accept it. I guess Im not going to stress about it till I either miss my period or im vomiting because thats what happened to me the last time. I do appreciate everyhting. I guess I was just wondering why I had fluid and I wasnt pregnant. But I guess only time will tell.


Quinell - June 6

Hi nina did you find out if you were pregnant? just wondering as I am experiencing same symptoms. I'm waiting for my next period in a weeks time. Was just a little bit curious of your out come and give me peace of mind.



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