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DW1 - February 27

I think I might be about 4 - 5 weeks pregnant as I had s_x just before my last period started and am on the pill but it was during my 7 days off, silly I know but dont lecture me. For the last week I have been feeling bloated, queasy, tired and my stomach is a little bigger. I know this isnt showing if I am pregnant probably just bloating but any advice or comments are welcome. D


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 27

If you had your period after you had s_x then you aren't pregnant, you ovulate 12-14 days after you have a period and you need an egg to become pregnant, if you had s_x and then got pregnant you couldn't be...but since you are around time due for your period, you could be pregnant because you did ovulate 12-14 days after you had your if you are pregnant it would be because you would have had s_x around ovulation not from before you had your period...hope that helps...take a pregnancy test the day of your next period...also so you know, when you find out you are pregnant, technically the first 2 weeks you aren't even pregnant but when you ovulate you release an egg and you need an egg and sperm to become pregnant...but you might not be pregnant, what you described is exactly like period symptoms and when you think you may be pregnant your mind plays tricks on you. also, seven days off the pill will make you ovulate since being on birth control does stop ovulation. So if you are pregnant it is from a week or two ago that you released an egg and not from the time before your last period.


heathernkennybrown361 - February 27

do your b___bs hurt? usually having s_x right before your period will not cause pregnancy because you ovulate about 7-12 days after your period.. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my b___bs hurt soooo bad when i first got pregnant


DW1 - March 1

Hey thanks for your help, i havent had s_x since then so I dont think I am, did a test yesterday and was negative but its 4 days til my next periods due. I know what you mean about your mind laying tricks I think thats all it is. My b___bs dont hurt thats another reason I think Im not as most women say thats one of the first signs. Thanks again guys I shall kee you posted.



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