Compare Miscarriage Pain To Labor Pain

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jessie - May 12

Ok, this might be a stupid questions but here goes.....I had a miscarriage about 10 years ago and I remember how painful it was. I was 11 weeks pregnant and I actually delivered the fetus....It hurt really bad physically. I was just wondering, if anyone knows how much you dilate during a miscarriage and is that what regular labor feels like?


Misty - May 12

I don't think it is a stupid question at all. Hell, I don't know the answer to it. But I think that regular labor would be much more painfull. I never experienced what you are talking about. But I was induced to have my son and I remember it was the worst pain I have ever felt. They say kidney stones are the closest thing a guy will ever feel to labor, but I had kidney stones before and labor was much worse. For me at least anyways. Some women it is so simple for and they don't understand why people like me thought it was so hard. :-) Go figure. GL finding out what you wanted to know.


Davida - May 12

I had a m/c in February. The pain was the same type of pain but not at the intensity of labor. Close though.


monica - May 12

I was induced also with my first son and it was the worst pain I ever felt in my life. I ripped my husband clothes and dug my finger nails in his neck. He wants me to cut my nails this time around. I actually looked like I should have belong in the movie the Exorcist. I am due in July and I am begining to panic a little.


jessie - May 12

Thanks for the imput....I remember losing lots of blood and having the worst pain in my lower back and belly ever!!!! I just remember saying to them, "please make the pain go away" thankfully the entire fetus came out in tact so i didn't have to have a D & C.....I guess I delivered it.......Just wondering what to expect during regular delivery....if the m/c was that bad, i can't imagine what the real deal is gonna feel like!!! lol


KrisD - May 12

Well, perhaps I am a little ignorant b/c this is my first... But hopefully, since this will be a much more positive experience than your m/c, the pain will be tolerable in a way that your m/c was not. I hope that made sense.


jessie - May 12

Yes, it makes perfect sense.....I know that no matter how painful, I will have a beautiful bab girl...and it will be worth it....


Julie - May 12

I had a m/c in Nov. and I didn't have any pain. I did have dnc and the pain from that was minor. When I gave birth to my son I got the epidural so I didn't have bad labor pains either.



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