Complete Strangers Touching My Belly

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almost there... - May 3

i was at an engagement party on sunday and i had loads of people (some didn't even say "hi") just put their hands on my pregnant belly. i don't mind, but it was sort of weird. anyone else had this kind of attention?


Stephanie - May 3

It used to happen to me all the time. I would wait in line to go to the bathroom almost anywhere...and there would be someone who would touch me. I don't think that people really understand that it is an invasion of personal space...just something that they would like to touch. I was 19/20 when I was pregnant with my daughter and I am now 27. I was scared to speak my mind about people touching me, but I guarentee when my hubby and I get pregnant, I won't have any problem telling people to get their hands off me. If someone asks, I feel it is a totally different situation. My advice to you is that if it bothers you, say something. Just because you are pregnant, does not mean that your tummy is a free for all. Set boundaries and you'll feel a lot better.


Jamie - May 3

It happens to me...but I'm not very nice about my response - if my husband isn't there to restrain me, I will and HAVE slapped the offender - it's the same as if they reached out and grabbed my b___st or my b___t. The fact that *I* am pregnant doesn't give every Nick, Joe and Sue the right to touch me.


Edot - May 3

Hi, I had the same thing happen to me with both kids. I didn't mind it that much but sometimes it was weird. If you don't like it just be polite and tell them. It is pretty hard to resit a pregnant belly


Lissi - May 3

I used to think pregnant women were exaggerating when they talked about this, but now I'm pregnant I'm amazed at how often it happens! It is weird! Why do they feel the need to touch it? It would never even cross my mind to do such a thing, especially to a stranger. Does anyone know the answer to this strange phenomenon?


nicole - May 3

it p__ses me off to no end. my bf's mom keeps trying to feel him move and will ask like every 10 minutes if hes awake and moving. so even if he is i say no bc i dont feel like being her personal buddha. i only have a few weeks left, so im happy when hes out.


Maleficent - May 3

ugh! i know just what you mean. i'm flat out EVIL when strangers touch me. i've been known to smack a hand away. most of the time i will (very loudly) say something like "OMG! why are you touching me? i don't even know you! stop touching me!" it draws attetnion and embara__ses the c___p out of them....they should be embara__sed! who the hell just fondles a total stranger without so much as a hello? what i'm really tempted to do is reach over and grab THEM and see how they like it.


jena - May 3

a good friend of mine recently had someone lift up her shirt and say, "really? you're pregnant?" she flipped, as would I!!


tara - May 3

lol! I don't mind that kind of attention at all. Infact at a wedding my husband's boss was there and he started rubbing my belly all over and my hubby came over telling him to stop faundeling me! I was loving the rubb, and later that night my hubby said I was a belly! I tolled him if i got enough of it at home I wouldn't be out in s_xy little dresses looking for rubs. heeeheee


tara - May 3

If a complete stranger did that with out saying a word I don't know what I would do. I think I'm okay as long as i somewhat know the person.


Karen - May 3

That has NEVER happened to me thank God I have had friends and people I know do it, but Strangers. I would be tempted to "rub" something of theirs to keep from Fipping out. I did it to very close friends and family who I know did not mind. So that is totally weird.!!!!!!!1


TX Girrrl - May 3

It creeps me out. Is it okay for people to touch me when I'm not pregnant? No. My big ol' belly isn't license to fondle! :)


nhb - May 3

I didn't have strangers rubbing my belly--last pregnancy (I'm not big enough yet this time around), but I had lots of family members do it . . . it didn't bother me when they did, but I LOVE Maleficent's reaction . . . I'll DEFINITELY do that if someone does that to me. I am NOT for random people touching me . . . I think that if they want to, they should at least introduce themselves/ask, give me a chance to say no!!! That's completely absurd that someone would just walk up and rub my belly . . . I wouldn't do it to someone else, they should respect my personal space too! It's not their baby or belly, so BACK OFF!! (I'm a little hormonal today, can you tell? :) he he he . . . I love being pregnant!)


Meg - May 3

I saw a shirt online somewhere that said "Just because I look like Buddha doesn't mean you can rub my belly" or something like that. I am not a touchey feely person and if people start rubbing my belly there will be a lot more people with black eyes walking around.



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