Complete Surprise

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Ann - February 4

Well ladies, I found out yesterday morning at my 18 week sonogram what I'm having...IT"S IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS!!!!!!! Can you believe it? The sonographer was completely shocked and said that after 24 years of doing sonograms she has never missed seeing twins-I had a sono @ 6 weeks and they only saw one baby but since they are identical she said "Baby B" was hiding :) When she told me you would have thought there was a death in the family the way i was crying. I'm freaking out....a single mom with a 7 year old son and 2 twin newborn girls. It will be tough but what a miracle/blessing! Twins are not in my family or his but apparently they don't have to be. Now I have to go to a specialist every 3 weeks for 3-D sono's since all multiple pregnancies are considered "high risk" but thank god she said both girls look great and they are measuring the same size :) Just an update for you all...I'm still in shock myself!!! I can use all the prayers I can get for these little ones and myself. Just think, I almost terminated the pregnancy and would have never known I had twins.....Take care everyone!!!!


coco - February 4

WOW...congratulations Ann ! What a blessing ur having ! I wish i would have identical twin girls too...( that'd be 4 kids for me lol ) Again, Congratulation and all the best for the 4 of u !


andi - February 4

congrats to you!! my husband and I are hoping for twins one day! What an amazing discovery! Best of Wishes!


Lisa - February 5

how lovely! congratulations....double the trouble and twice the fun!!! you must over the moon to hear this news. glad to hear everything is going well for all of you


Heavenly - February 6

Oh my goodness Ann! That is s wonderful! Congrats and God bless you and your baby girls. Keep us updated. :o)


Kitkat - February 6

Oh, this is so lovely, Ann!!! You are right, it is a blessing. Having identical twins is a chance, it's only non-identical that run in the family:) Look after yorself and good luck! Kitkat


tiffani - February 7

I'm jealous! Congratulations! :o)


~m~ - February 7

Yeah, I'm jealous too!!!!! I am longing for a baby girl..... but 2 would be even more awesome!! Congrats!!



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