Conceiving S Any Advice

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Sarah - December 18

When you all have been TTC, do you try twice a day or just once? I know that when you ovulate, you have a period of 24hrs for it to get fertilized, would it be a waste of energy to try 2x a day? We will probably start this Tuesday (today is Sat the 18th) and continue until like the day after Xmas (maybe a day later than that too). I just want to increase our odds, we've been trying for about 4 months (and having fun I should add in). HA! Thanks, Sarah.


kim - December 18

I have heard that you are suppose to do it ever other day to give the sperm a chance to recoop. We are trying ttc aswell and do it everyday though. Sometimes twice. lol If you are having fun I say do it as often as ya want. I am due for af on Jan 4th and I hope it does not come. This is our first month trying and I have had some cramping this past week so hopefully something good is going on. When are you expecting af? Good luck!!


hey - December 18

I am in the same boat, i am due for AF jan 4th 2005, when should we ovulate? I had a normal seven day AF (Dec 4-11th) what cycle am i? I had s_x December 7th, the 11th, and the 14th, Post my period I had some cramping and spotting about the 15th and 16th (light tan brown yellow spotting) which is weird bc when I ovulate i dont cramp and dont spot, im hoping i get pregnant this month :)


kim - December 19

I have not figured out the whole cycle thing yet. I started on the 4 and ended about the same time.. You are most fertile 14 days after you start your period so if we started on the 4 I would say the 17-19 is when you are most fertlie. Ofcourse this does not mean you didnt conceive prior to these days.. I have also had some cramping no bleeding though. Spotting may have been implantation bleeding.. Not everyone gets this but mayba you are pregnant. It is to soon to take a test but it is killing me to wait.That would fun to keep in touch if we both get pregnant this month. Im due fo af on the 4 so if I dont get it by the 6th I will probable take a test if I can wait that KIT C-Ya !!!!


Kristina (Hey) - December 20

Kim- That would be so cool if we both got pregnant this month :) I hope that was implantation bleeding, but im not going to get my hopes up, if i do then i get my AF on the 4th well i will cry lol(laughing out loud) but i am praying and good luck to you too. Whats weird is that after that spotting, i had light v____al discharge then the next day I had medium to heavy v____al discharge, but then the next day i stopped and I havent spotted at all anymore, i spotted about 2-3 days. Hey email me at [email protected] so we can talk....................Good Luck! :)


Tasha - December 20

Well, it only took me 2 weeks to conceive, but we did not do it 2x a day. We only did it about every other day...sometimes less than that. I went on and created an ovulation calendar. I went by what my most fertile days were and that is when I conceived. Don't know if that would work for everybody, but it certainly did w/us. Best of luck! Hope you are writing that you are pregnant soon! ~21 wks 1 day preg.~


KN - December 20

Hi Everyone! Looks like we are all in the same boat. My husband and I have been trying since this summer to have a baby, and the first day we tried it worked. I was 7 weeks pregnant and has a miscarriage, and now we are able to try again. It's so confusing trying to plan the exact day that you are ovulating huh? I wish everyone the best of luck trying. Hopefully this is the month for us, I really think it is.The best advice I was given was to have s_x every 2 days to give the male time to fully replenish a good stash, and to have the male on top, and to elevate your hips after s_x. I am due for my period Jan 11, but I am positve that I have already ovulated ( I must not be normal!) I hope that all of us here are pregnant this month!! Hopefully we can become pregnancy buddies :)


kim - December 20

Hey ladies!!! Well we are still doing it everyday but maybe we should slow down.. I figured the more you do it the greater chance you have. I really hope I am pregnant. I have been feeling alittle different and some light cramping which i never would get before.. When do you all plan a taking a test? We should all try and do it on the same day. Hey ladies here is my email address if you all want to kit.. [email protected] I check my mail several times aday. I will be gone thurs-sun so if I dont respond quickly that is why.. Godd luck to all of you.


Kristina (hey) - December 20

I have a white cream discharge, what is this?


kim - December 20

I have no idea???? Have not experienced that yet.. Is it the an egg white kindof slimy? If so I believe this means your most fertile or maybe you are ovalating?? Not to sure though. Sorry I couldnt be more helpful.



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