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Lucky1-Thought I knew it all - January 13

I have a question about when me and my best friend concieved. We both were on the exact same (35 day) cycle and we both just found out this month that we are pregnant . I thought that ovulation is usually 10-14 days from your next period (which if you're on a 28 day cycle would be 14 day from the day it starts). Our last period started December 2nd. So, here's the thing, my Best friend just got married on Dec 8th. So they had s_x every day from the 8th to the 16, but they haven't had s_x since, even to this day. I had s_x with my DH the same week up to the 17, then I didn't have s_x again until night of Dec19/morning of the 20th. My BBT was still low on the 21 but it spiked on the 22. I didn't have s_x on the 21st. I guess my questions are: If me and my best friend are on the same cycle, did we Ovulate at the same time? because she definately got pregnant between Dec 8th and the 16th. That would be 14day after our LMP. If we did Ovulate during the same week, why didn't my BBT spike until almost a week later? Anyone that knows anything about this please help me to get some clarity because I am confused, I thought I Knew how the cycles work but this goes against everything I thought I knew.


Lucky1 - January 13

I know it's a lot of reading but does anyone know about this stuff?


Jo - January 13

like you and your friend, my last period was on dec 2. but i know when i ovulate, which was dec 13. I didnt have s_x on the 13th, but actually the 12th...the sperm can live in a woman for a few days. so if you have s_x on a monday and dont ovulate until thursday, you can still get pregnant...the egg only lasts for 24 to 48 hours so if you dont have s_x until 2 days after you ovulate then you may not get pregnant. My husband wants to get on the computer now....I hope this helps, if you have more Q's, i can get back to you. :)



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