Conception Date Dilemma

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sarahsamommy - November 13

i have a son who is three months old now and i am extremely blessed. but i have had one thing weighing on my heart. i was dating this guy for about two weeks in November of 2006. we broke up around the 16th or 17th. i started my period the 19th. and i got a pregnancy test at a doctor's office probably about a week or week and a half right after my period and it came back negative. me and my ex boyfriend of two years started getting lovey dovey again on the 5th of December. i found out i was pregnant the 23rd of that month. he and i went to a free clinic in February and they said i was due August the 28th and i conceived the 3rd of December. ( i know conception dates can be off as much as a week or so ) i went to the hospital in March to get an ultrasound and whatnot and they gave me the conception date of November the 20th yet the exact same due date. at that time, i was in my second trimester and i have researched that ultrasounds can be off by two weeks in your second trimester. (plus my son was in the 90th percentile for weight in unborn babies which could throw off conception dates because they determine that by the size of abdominal circ_mference and the size of the head and everything) i have researched a LOT about this. from the moment i found out he might not be my ex boyfriends to now. i have done conception date calculators and everything and they always come out the same. December 3rd to the 5th is when i conceived. i know i can't rely on those completely. he kind of looks like my ex boyfriend. he's got blond hair (we don't have blond hair anywhere in my family and i'm pretty sure that there isn't blond hair in the other guys family) he's got his bridge and his eyes. i could be wrong... i just need help. what is the probability of him being my ex boyfriends? could the hospital be wrong or what are the chances of it being wrong? i'm just so confused and... it really is weighing on me so much. at this moment i can't afford paternity tests so this is the best i can get. just advice. thanks :]


Grandpa Viv - November 13

Due date Aug 28th goes with conception date Dec 3. Period Nov 19 goes with ovulation date Dec 3. That was a Sunday. Do you remember what day of the week it was that you got back with your ex? It doesn't really matter, a couple of days here or there are irrelevant. I don't see any way this child could be by the other guy. Be happy, put it out of your mind! Good luck!


sandy18 - November 14

Hi I agree with Grandpa Viv your baby was conceived around Dec 4th, plus you had a period after you broke up with the other guy, there is just no way... put your mind in peace ; )



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