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babyonboard - January 6

hi i am currently 32 weeks pregnant and i am in a very horrible situation. i need to know when my baby was conceived. i am married but i was raped in june and dont know if the baby is a result of the rape or not. my due date is march 6th and i just wanted to know if anyone here can help me figure out when the baby was conceived? my LMP was may 23rd and i have been told that conception took place around june 4th or 5th according to DD...the rape was june 10th. i talked to a woman online and she said her baby was born and due march 2nd and she knows for a fact that the baby was conceived the last week of may. so i think that the baby might be my mans. i had a dating scan done july 14th and they did not use my LMP. they said i was 6 weeks at the time, was this 6 weeks from probable conception? if so then i conceived in late may. i hope someone can really help me because i am scared., my DD is almost here and i really want this baby to be my mans...please help me


krc - January 6

if you and your man were together right before and after your rape you wont know paternity until baby is born. Sperm can live 3-5 days I believe inside of you. If


karine - January 6

Why, didnt you have a amnio. done in your 16week? Does your husband know that the baby may not be his? i wish you all the luck in the world, you are very couragous!


babyonboard - January 6

the doc's wont do the amnio. unless its a medical problem, we asked them . ijust really want to know. i have been told that conception occured late may very early june with my DD of march 2


karine - January 6

Your not lucky. Out here in canada, where iam, they offer and push for an amnio. Well...i know it may seem long, but your already at 32weeks. You dont have much long to wait for the arrival of your baby. You can do a paternity test then. And i pray that it will be your husbands baby, so this rapist can never have access to your child. Is your hubby willing to take the responsability if he isnt the father?


babyonboard - January 6

no my husband does not want anything to do with the baby if its not his, thats why we both want to get a estimate as to when the baby was conceived..


izzy1052 - January 6

how can your hubby not want this baby?? its not your fault this happened! i feel so bad for you.. i figured your conception and stuff on a due date calculator and it came up with conception on 6/6/05 and due date 2/27/06 ?????


Drew - January 6

I think it would be almost impossible to tell with a conception calculator who the baby's father is, only because women very rarely ovulate "on time" and like another poster has said, sperm do have a life capacity. I'm really sorry your going through this, but I think you will have to wait for the paternity test. Do you have any idea what your going to do if this baby is not his? Sorry, not trying to be nosey, just hoping things turn out for you. (((hugs)))


joannie - January 7

On aother site it says if you are due march 2nd you most probably got pregnant around the 25th of May. Good Luck.


claireberry - January 18

hiya the first day of my last period was 22nd may 2005 i didnt have s_x til the 5th june so i know i concieved on this day or after and my baby is due on the 26th feb 2006


snickelfritz - January 18

Based on the info given, it seems most likely that you conceived BEFORE the rape. Will you have paternity testing done after the baby is born? What a horribly sad situation you are in! HUGS!!


m - January 18

Just going by your LMP, if you ovulated 14 days after your period, you would have conceived around June 6. If the scan on July 14 said 6 weeks, that means 4 weeks after conception, putting it about June 16.... BUT those scans can be off by a week or maybe even a little more. Anyway, as bad as I hate to say this, I don't think there is any way to tell without a paternity test when baby gets here. I'm so sorry for your situation!! Btw, was the rapist charged and thrown in jail? Was it someone you knew or a random stranger who doesn't even know you are pregnant? Sorry to be nosy, just curious. Feel free to tell me to mind my own business! :o) Best of luck to you!



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