Conception Without Intercourse

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eh - September 28

hi... here's my story... things were getting hot.... ehh.. i was on top of my girlfriend... "head" half in her va___a, but we never ended up having intercourse... cause she told me that she didnt have contraception or whatever... so.... ended up going all over her body.... she wiped it all off before she went for a shower.... so..... just curious... what are the chances??? preferably an approximate percentage instead of the "there still are risks" answers plaese ... : /


Viv - September 28

It's not what went on her belly, it's what was on your pernis while it was in the v____a that counts. Even before you come there may be some sperm present. The answer to your question depends on where she was in her cycle. Days 8-15 are the window of high fertility. There's only a 1 in 4 chance of getting pregnant in a given month if you are really trying - little sperm if any, give that 1 in 10 - not sure where she was in cycle, say 1 in 3. Add that all up and you have a 1 in 120 chance. The failure rate for the "withdrawal" method is 25% in a given year. If you use spermicidal foam/inserts plus a condom, the failure rate is less than the pill.


eh - September 28

"if i was trying"?? btw... she said she got off her period last week.. but... 1 in 120 chance? isnt that quite high for percome compared to full ejaculation?? thx again...


eh - September 28

just one thing to add.... her cycles are different... eg she missed her period about a month ago or sth....


eh - September 28

1 more question... is it still possible to have prec_m if you've been screwing around for over half an hour before any sort of contact with genitals?? wouldn't the prec_m dry out by that time?


Beth - September 28

I have a brown little spot on my Areola. Currently 7.5 months pregnant. Should I be concerned?


eh - September 29

sorry i'm asking this much.... but is EC advisable??


Viv - September 29

eh, the longer you screw around the more chance there is sperm in your urethra. It doesn't dry out while its there. EC only works for the first 72 hours. Too late now!


m - September 30

I'd say about a 100% chance you could have impregnated her. That is EXACTLY


m - September 30

I'd say about a 100% chance. That is EXACTLY how my first child was conceived. If this isn't a pleasant surprise, might I suggest "Highway 69" next time you don't have protection?


eh - October 6

ok well....... she went to see doc, who gave her EC... and yesterday she said she's having her period.... already??? its only been 9 days or less since her last one ended :X so does this mean she's safe????


eh - October 9




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