Concern About Lovely

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Karen - April 8

Hi Lovely I was just wondering how you are doing today? Take care


~m~ - April 8

Yeah, me too! I'm thinking of you girl! :o) Hope you are doing ok. Have a great weekend!


Heavenly - April 8

I am right there with you girls! I hope you are doing well Lovely. We love to love ya Lovely ;o)


tara - April 8

I'm also thinking about you. Stay strong and we are here for ya! xxxx <- hugs going out to you. :o)


Karen - April 8

Lovley just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers, I was hoping to here from you before I left work today. I am a bit worried about you. I know you have a lot more important things on you mine right now. Your in my prays and I wish you a very peaceful weekend. Wshing you all the best. Please take care. LOV LOTS Please let us keep us posted.


Rachel* - April 8

Your in my thoughts too Lovely. I hope you are holding up okay.


Missy - April 8

Girl we are all here for you and you are in my prayers **LOTSA LOVE**


Lovely - April 9

*sniff* You guys are so wonderful! How have I deserved such support and prayers from you, is beyond me. *siff* Thank you , all, so much! Today is saturday, and I've still got 3 days to go before my u/s...not that I;m counting... hee hee. Things heavy on my mind aren't only the u/s. me and my DH aren't well. We are really distant right now. We fought like savages in the days leading up to the news. I feel like this kind of pressure should make our petty fights (mostly me being hormonal anyway) null and void. But, boy, can he hold a grudge. It just makes me feel, now, that I am going through this alone. Well, in person anyway, since it seems I have a house full of internet friends who care. So, really, thank you! It's strange. Last night, we BBQ'd hotdogs and such for dinner, and I wanted to eat one raw. i stopped myself, saying "it's not good for the baby", and my expert, razor-sharp sarcasm said "why? will it cause down syndrom?" I feel that there are some deep rooted feeling, but I have done well at pushing them down for now... just waiting I guess. I don't know what I'm waiting for, since I don't think I want to have an amnio. It's an u/s or nothing. But, I guess you can also never say never. My Dh is awake now... I'm going to make him coffee and breakfast in hopes of smoothing things over, finally! It would be nice to have a hug and a kiss with some emotion.. who knows, maybe I can convince him to give me a bit more, too! =}


Karen - April 11

Lovely, Your are precious to us and everyone needs someone and support at sometime. I am happy that we got the opportunity to be there for you. I thank God for this sight cause only him and other pregnant women know what we are going through. Sorry to hear that you and yours are fighting, but it will pa__s. Me and my other has had our fights, I just choose to ignore him and wait for him to come around, fixing breakfast will show that your a bigger person. Take care and all the best always praying for you and everyone else. I am sure your precious little one is fine. LOTS OF LOVE.


Lovely - April 11

Thank you. This support just means so much. It has really helped me to hear so many stories of false+. It has really restored my faith and hope. Tomorrow at this exact time, i will be having my u/s.I'm focusing on the hope that I get to find out if my precious bundle is a boy or girl. For the record, I have thought it's a girl the whole time!


X - April 11

I don't know you but I feel for you. I hope for the best and lots of strength for you the next few days. Live one day at a time and just...breathe. It's out of your hands now, but still do take care and keep that bit of humor in you. Anything good you do today always makes a difference somehow. It may not be obvious but it'll save your day and keep your sanity :). Hugs.



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