Concerned About Multiple Ultrasounds

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D - June 30

I am really worried. I am in my 20th week but have had several ultrasounds so far (7 to be exact) due to some 1st trimester bleeding, prior miscarriages and cervical length monitoring. These were at 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 14 and 19 weeks. The last one was yesterday and they said the baby looked fine. However, the technician was pushing really hard on my lower tummy where the baby's head is and that got me concerned. I checked the internet on the safety of multiple ultrasounds and saw some bad studies on the possible negative impact on the fetus and now I am in total distress! I cannot sleep or settle down. PLEASE, please, tell me if you have had any experience with multiple ultrasounds and what your outcome was. Also, can such strong pushing of the ultrasound probe where the head is hurt the baby?? This is the first time I have gotten so far along with a pregnancy and I pray that everything works out fine.....


Karen - June 30

At every one of my visits with my doc he has done an ultrasound to check the baby. I am positive that he has done it with all his patients. He has a__sured me that they are safe. I not sure about the pressing down hard. I go to my doc every 4 weeks and is currently 27 1/2 weeks. I love seeing my baby and I feel better knowing that everything is ok with him. Each doc is different and have different methods. I sure that because of your history they feel better doing the ultrasoud to check the baby. Remember that any research or studies have to retested in order for them to be valid meaning they have to be redone using a different method and get the seem reserach. Ultrasounds have been proven to be very affective in detecting problems and treatment needed for these problems before the baby comes. As far as I remember ultrasounds uses sound waves which I think are safe. Things like X rays which have high levels or radiation can be extremly dangerous for the baby. I hope this helps. I sure the doc would in no way do anything that will harm you or your baby. Take care


D - June 30

Thank you Karen! It's just that when I do those it seems like the baby is hiding his head/eyes with his hands. I am not sure if it is b/c it's not liking the waves or something... I know that many people are complaining about not getting enough ultrasounds, but does anyone else have the opposite experience?


bump - June 30



P - June 30

I didn't have as many as you have but I thought 5 was a lot too. There were reasons for mine too but it all worked out okay. I'm sure a lot of high risk pregnancies have as many as you have. I don't think they would do it it was bad for you or the baby. The pushing, I'm sure, will not harm your baby.



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