Concerned About Weight Gain

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Lacy - November 17

Hey ladies...Im 20 yrs. old and this is my first pregnancy. After reading some of the posts on here, Ive become a little concerned about my lack of weight gain. Prepregnancy I weighed about 110 and am 5'6. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and weigh only 113. Shouldnt I have gained more than 3 lbs by now? I have changed my eating habits from sooo much junk food to a healthier lifestyle, but it seems like im not progressing. I havent been back to doc yet, and have just been monitoring my weight at home. Can someone tell me if this is bad for being almost 4 months, and if so, how can I gain in a healthy way?


??? - November 17

110lbs. for a 5'6" is about 25-35lbs. underweight. How did you do it while eating junk food? Is your family normally thin? Were you throwing up? I would see a doctor to find out how to gain more, or what your body needs of the nutrients for your baby. Being underweight, or undernurished is as bad as being overweight while pregnant.


??? - November 17

P.S.- I've gone to doctors about weight. They say that someone being 5'6", which I am, should weigh between 135-145lbs. I was 145-150 when I got pregnant with my first child, and only gained the recomended 25lbs. I ate fruits, veggies, lean meats. You know, healthy, yet filling foods. I didn't exercise while pregnat, but I did before and after.


Yikes! - November 17

That is NOT a healthy weight and you should have gained more than 3 lbs by now, especially if you haven't had any morning sickness. Don't wait for your next appointment. Call the doctor now! The baby should weigh about a pound already itself, so there could be growth complications. I was 118 at 5'4 which is pretty thin and I've gained 12 pounds at 4.5 months and still look thin but I am showing nicely.


anita - November 17

ask, your doc. everyone's different and some people just have a hard time gaining weight. especially if you have a very busy active life. 3lbs in 17wks isn't much, but it may be ok for you. call the doc, tell him your situation and see what hehas to say. i'm also 5'6 and weighed 123lbs pre-pregnancy. i'll be 23wks tomorrow and i've only gained 10lbs. as long as you're eating right and not doing anything to hurt the baby, don't worry about what other people say.


anita - November 17

and at 17wks the baby doesn't even weight a half a lb.


Kim - November 17

You weight for being 5 foot 6 is not necessarily unhealthy, although you are thin. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 140 lbs, which is also underweight, but I am from an enormous family, everyone is tall and built lean. It sounds as though you are eating right and that's wonderful. I'm sure your doctor would tell you if he/she was concerned about your not yet gaining much.


Lacy - November 17

Yes, I am naturally thin...I guess I have a high metabolism, because Ive certainly got a big appet_te. I had no morning sickness, and I dont have an eating disorder, Ive just always been very slender. Oh, by the way, I had my boss measure me, and Im only 5'5. I dont know why I always thought I was taller. And as for the first comment...Im not undernourished. Ive been eating steady meals, about 5 small ones a day, usually and plenty of snacks and water. Do you think Ive only gained 3 lbs because I have eliminated the junk from my diet? Im so confused.


Lacy - November 17

Thanks Kim, your comment made me feel a lot better :)


Lisa - November 17

Pre-pregnancy I weighed 123lbs and I am 5'6 as well. I'm 24 weeks along and so far I have only put on 10lbs. I eat pretty healthy and still have snacks; I just have a good metabolism. As long as you are eating all the time and making sure you are taking your prenatals and drinking lots of fluids you should be OK. I know some women who only put on about 10 pounds the whole time they were pregnant and they ate like truckers.


kris A. - November 17

Hi Lacy, you hit it right on the head. You are eating healthy, so losing the very little fat while gaining baby. I was 5'8 and 140 due to birth control pill weight gain prepregnancy, but before starting the pill last year was a constant 130 - 135. When I got pregnant I watched what I ate and am now due Monday and have gained 24 pounds total - but I can see in my body how I am carrying the weight much better now. I look forward to finishing the pregnancy and then getting back to 135. I am tall and lean so it fits my body type. Keep your doc in the loop and you'll do fine! :)


anita - November 17

i've got a friend who only gained 10lbs. her entire pregnancy and the baby weighed 6lbs. also, my mother tells me that she only weighed 125 when she went into labor with me and she's 5'5 (i don't know her pre-preg weight). i still think you should ask your doc if he thinks you're gaining enough though (just in case).


Lacy - November 18

Thank you ladies! I feel a little better now, knowing that you dont think it's completely crazy. Like I said, this is my first and Im eating healthy and trying to do everything right...Im just so unsure. I will be sure to talk to doc in a week when I go back for my check up. By the way, I had an early US and things looked good, and baby has a really strong heartbeat, so Im hoping everything is working out, and Im just gaining slower than others. I think most has to be baby weight, because I dont normally put on any weight for any other reasons.


reed - November 21

I only gained about 8 lbs for my whole pregnancy, because I was anorexic. And I thought that was a healthy weight, for sure. Everyone is different.


Kim - November 21

Ooooo! Now I feel like i have to jump back in. A gain of 8 lbs for your whole pregnancy is certainly not healthy (maybe I'm misreading? That's not what you meant, is it reed?) A normal total weight gain in pregnancy is about 25-35 pounds, regardless of body type. I just think the rate at which you gain it varies depending on type of body, and that a doctor will certainly know whether or not your gain (or lack of gain) is healthy.


Lacy - November 21

Yeah, I completely agree with Kim. Reed, I know Im having trouble gaining weight, but Im not doing anything from preventing it. And for the record Im up to 116, so Im steadily climbing and worrying less. No offense, but being anorexic is probably what caused you to think it was a healthy weight, because anorexics no matter how thin, always consider themselves still too large. Is that right, or not? Was your baby born with any problems?


reed - November 21

first, yes I MEANT 8 lbs. And my baby was born under weight. She weighed 3 lbs. 9 oz. but it was just because she was born a month and 1/2 premature, not because i didnt gain enough weight.



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