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Curious - April 27

I have a friend who is five months pregnant and on several different occasions up until now, over an estimated three to four month period, has moderately used both "meth" and "weed," has engaged in several binge drinking sessions, and although she has cut back, has continued to smoke cigarettes. She is now getting the support and help she needs to stop everything, and although all her prenatal tests have come out positive thus far, she cannot stop herself from the stress and worry that she may have already caused tragic irreversible damage to her unborn child. Is there a chance that if she stops all drug use now, the outlook for her son or daughter will be favorable?


Eryn - April 27

There is a chance the baby will be alright. I would be more concerned with the Meth. Odds are she is a full b__wn addict no matter what she tells you. It's highly addictive. Some woman can drink and use drugs throughout their whole pregnancy and not effect the fetus. There is however a strong chance the baby will be premature or underweight. It could even be born addicted. I hope your friend gets the help she needs for the baby's sake at least. Good luck


Maddie - April 27

How many times has she binge drank, and what was she drinking, and how many shots of alcohol were consumed? I have read that alcohol is the single most damaging substance above heroin, coke, weed, and so on...


, - April 27

The most important thing someone can do in that situation is to be honest with the OB about drug use. Some street drugs when used then stopped while pregnant can cause miscarriage and cause the placenta to seperate from the Uterus. There are meds the Dr can give to keep this from happening. I know with Cocaine the placenta can seperate and cause the woman and baby to hemorhage and Heroine can cause miscarriage at any time.


Amy - April 27

There was a woman that I knew that drank every weekend throughout her pregnancy. I didn't know she was preganant. She stopped about a month before the child was born. He is a healthy little boy. I have been babysitting him quite a bit lately and noticing some things that aren't quite right with him. He is almost 2 years old and doesn't speak. The only things he says are ni-ni and ba-ba. Maybe he is just developing language skills later. But it is my concern that he has a learning disability from her excessive alcohol use. Even if the outlook is good or bad, your friend needs to stop the drug use. Or she may face jail time if she gives birth to a baby with drugs in its system. Or maybe even have the child taken from her. Please try to help her out. Good luck....I feel for you! You are a good friend for being concerned about her and the baby.


... - April 27

Amy, what was your friend drinking? Was she taking shots of liquor? Does she ever mention that she feels bad for drinking while pregnant? Was she getting drunk every weekend??


saydie - April 27

when it comes to the weed use personally i dont think that will harm the baby. but the meth is a different story, i knew a girl that was 16 weeks and due to her meth use it cause the placenta to detached and kill her baby. and for the worring she does, if she was really that worried she would have stoped the use of the meth and drinking when she found out that she was pregnant


sadie - April 27

The meth use is what i would be most concerned with, thought the smoking and drinking are the smartest think to do either. But something about the meth use, i knew a girl who was using meth, and at about 15 weeks it caused the placenta to detached, in turn it killed the baby


Amy - April 27

My friend was drinking beer. Lots of beer, and maybe the occasional shot of hot s_x. She would probably have at least a 12 pack everytime she went out. She was going to give the baby up for adoption, but she didn't. She never talks about her drinking during her pregnancy.


Maddie - April 27

OMG! A 12 pack? How big was she?? She must have been really large cause you didn't even know she was preg. right?


Amy - April 27

No she gained practically no weight. Although her baby was born 8 lbs. I didn't know ( honestly ). She just wore baggy sweatshirts like usual. I couldn't tell. She told me she was pregnant and the next day she had the baby. I was so shocked along with everyone else.


Amy - April 28

Hey Curious- Just wondering if you have talked to your friend?



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