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oh_Lola - June 10

My period was supose to come on wednesday and i have had no sign of it. Then last night me and the dh had s_x and when i went to the bathroom i wiped and i seen a little bit of blood tinge to it, could be just from s_x and thats what i thought or i could of been the beginning of my period, anyways i went to bed woke up and there was nothing at all. Then tonight i went to go the bathroom and i notice i have what looks like my period but its like a brown with a bit or red it in. And it never like that and its always on time. what do you think?! could i be pregnant?!


oh_Lola - June 10

oh and i went to take a pregnacy test this morning anyways when i was peeing on the stick someone knocked on the bathroom door which scared me and i ended up droping my only test in the toliet * yes blonde moment lol*. And i havent had access to the car since to go get another one! thats why i came here for some more advice!


lovelylady24 - June 10

Oh_Lola more then likely you probably are Pregnant but the questions are do you have irregular periods. But if you want to know if you really could be pregnant I would just take another pregancy test but more then likely you probably are pregnant.


oh_Lola - June 11

My periods have alwayy been on time, Always arrived on a wednesday either in the morning or early afternoon and usually gone by sat morning if not friday night. I am going to as soon as i can, it sucks waiting! lol


flower.momma - June 11

I know it makes me so mad to wait to know. On the day my period was late with this pregnancy, my hubby had the car, so I walked my b___t to 7-11, paid a little extra, and found out I was going to have another child. I was so excited, and a little suprised that 7-11 carried pregnancy tests. I am such an impatient person, so I know how you feel, having to wait to find out. Good luck.


Rhonda - June 13

Yep,you sure could be pregnant.The blood tinged after intercourse was more than likely due to your cervix getting irritated,from having s_x.Oh no ! your pregnancy test! in the toilet(man that would suck)asap get another test.bettcha it will be a bfp(well a__suming you dont drop it in the toilet.LOL. Good luck.


oh_Lola - June 13

lol thanks girls! and yes rhonda it sucked i was so upset but had to laugh, thinking this could only happen to me. Well i seem to have started my period sunday morning, nothing like my regular period and it seems to be done already i wore a panty liner today and thats odd for me! but im going to wait for a bit then get another test. i know i say i cant wait to test but then again im afraid to see the answer!!! lol



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