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Ann - November 16

I was wondering if you were only 4 or 5 weeks pregnant would you be able to feel a rock hard ball in the pit of your stomach? I was pregnant before, about 6 weeks, which ended in miscarrige. I could feel a hard spot below my belly button when I touched it. I think Im pregnant now, but I cant really feel that this time. Could I still be and it just not show yet. I have also gained more wait since then so a little extra packing there. lol! Any advice appreciated!


Christine - November 17

lol...I'm really not sure...I guess you could because your uterus begins to harden and grow/ you have any other symptoms at all? morning sickness or sore b___sts? Good luck and keep us posted.


Ann - November 17

I have morning sickness, back aches, fatigue, sore b___sts, and Im 2 weeks late! Im just not sure if I am b/c I cant feel it this time. I dont know if its b/c I dont have the flat little 16 yr old stomach anymore or Im just not pregnant. I guess its different with everyone and every pregnancy is different. Just wondering, feel kinda silly asking that but curious! lol! Thanks for your opinion.


Reb - November 17

Ann, I can't answer your question about the hard spot, but the morning sickness and fatigue are good signs. Ilost a pregnancy earlier this year at 6.5 wks and never had any of those symptoms. Had them to the nines this time. I am 17wks and all still seems to be going wel. Have you run a home test yet? Good luck.


Ann - November 17

Reb- I took a test monday morning and it was negative. I have started to lose hope! I am so confused about what to think and I cant get into my dr. til next week. I have almost every symtom and cramping in my lower abdomin and back aches. I heard that stress can cause you to miss a period but I dont know if I believe that or not. I am usually on time every month and I had cramping on around the time of my period but it never came. Any of this familiar to you or anyone??? If you cramp and do not start is that a sure sign youre pregnant or your bodys way of trying to and stress not letting it??? Help!!!



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